Just took a swing by the new upcoming South Tacoma Sounder station and progress is going very well. From the visual appearance, the station itself is completed with the installation of art throughout the station area. Fencing is still up but you can still see the entire station from the side roads. The bus stop looks good and located mid-way on the platform which gives people a central point to walk to should they decide to take Pierce Transit to their final destination.

Now it does seem that the platform was made for a 10 car train. I’m not sure and only ST can verify that (unless I get a hold of a contractor first) but it at least appears much, much longer than King Street Station, which can already accommodate a 9 car train.

Since I am currently using the WIFI from a hotel and it is pretty darn slow, pictures will have to wait until tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks Brian

    I know it is not really related but most of us don’t have permissions to start original posts, so like earmarks in Congress, we have to stick our thoughts sometimes in unrelated posts!

    Anyway, I wanted to report that I took the ST Link Lunch Time bus on Friday.

    This was my second trip along the line and have to report that most of what we were taken to was pretty spectacular in the main, although I have a number of reservations that certain sections will be ready in time. The tunnel portals, approaches and the Beacon Hill Station entrance (we were not taken underground so don’t know about the station proper)all looked like they had much work left to do. The Mount Baker Station entrance to the tunnel looks months away from completion and there didn’t seem to be much that we could view on Beacon Hill to suggest that this too is anything but months away from completion. I do hope they can landscape the tunnel entrances in time.

    The rest of the line looks great. We saw a few trains moving around and our hosts told us that International Boulevard would be closed the night of January 30th so they could place the pedestrian walkway over it to the SeaTac Airport Station.

    Other than this, not a whole lot to say – only six more months to go – longer than the interminal gap between the election and Obama getting inaugurated!



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