Mini Me?
Mini Me?

Going through my photos, I found a rather interesting item. While this has grown a few cars, this was a common site while being moved around in the then tiny Amtrak Coach Yard in SODO.

This was part of a set for a while that was a “double” talgo set when Amtrak was combining 2 train sets for extra service.

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  1. AWWWW!!!

    Just need a few coaches and we can throw that sucker into service!

    Naw, I know its the spare set for when they are repairing a car.

    Speaking of, I lost the link for that series you did on the Cascades, Brian. Could I get that please?

  2. I’m still trying to find out the project list that WSDOT will be submitting for HSR Stimulus funding. Looks like it will tally several hundred million for WA alone, and will likely include:
    Two ‘next generation’ Talgo trainsets, plus next gen. Engines
    Pt. Defiance funding to complete the bypass
    Vancouver, WA switching yard bypass
    Some High Speed crossovers
    Some 3rd mainline in congested areas
    Signals and comm.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how the politics will play out when it comes time to dole out the money. Pres Obama wants HSR as one poster child of his administration. Buying a bunch of studies and engineering reports doesn’t quite fill that need, which is what most of the other corridor projects need at this point. With that said, the Cascades Corridor, NE corridor, and Virginia Corridor are probably the best suited to actually get some fast train service going.

    If anyone hears anything on Ray LaHoods policy statement (due in a month) on how to spend the 8 Billion for HSR, let us know, or send me an email at

    1. I heard that a third main was in the works for areas like Tukwila (capacity will be built into the station) and Auburn, but any more than that I don’t know. Additionally, all we really need to get going faster is some PTC between Seattle and Portland, but as that will require all the locomotives on BNSF being equipped, I don’t see that anytime soon.

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