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  1. Isn’t it nice to have the person holding the second highest office in the nation be somebody that rode Amtrak daily for 35 years?!?!? Love it.

    1. It is, and on that point, I will give him a break for also being the Senator from the state where two major Amtrak Shops are located, including the one where the Electric Locomotives for the NEC are maintained.

  2. Anybody notice that it cut to a shot of a derail in there?

    Interesting thing to suddenly show a picture of if you ask me… =P

    1. I looked at it again, thought it was of the switch, or at least trying to highlight the state of the NEC trackage is in. About the only place where they can get 150MPH is in Rhode Island.

  3. Yes! A friend just was in town. He took Amtrak from Boston to Seattle and was treated great once (as he claims) he got to Chicago :-) He stayed for a week and then went onto the Bay Area.

    I’m going to do something I’ve always wanted to do. Take Amtrak back to the DC area in May….

  4. I once did that, but that was in 1994, things are a little better now. Did that experience ruin everything, no. One train we took was the Pioneer, the other was the Broadway Limited(a route that no longer exists), and the equipment east of the Mississippi has been replaced. They got plans to improve, too.

    I have taken Amtrak many times since then, including 3 trips to Portland and one to Montana.

    1. By the way, the Chicago-D.C. Capitol Limited now uses Superliners, since they do not have the tunnel clearance rules. Amtrak used Dome Cars on it when it used Heritage Fleet equipment, and before that, the B&O had some. The Capitol avoids the clearance issues because it is not under wire, and is not going to New York.

      1. Thanks for the info. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been to Portland and back about 6 or 7 times, learned to get a train originating there and not Cali after ending up on the bus… Amtrak is still the only way I go to Portland. One of my coworkers retired and is a docent on the Portland run now.

  5. Got to hand it to VP Biden. With 7,000 trips under his belt, he’s seen every conceivable delay possible by Amtrak, so no wonder his NE corridor is getting half of the 1.3 Bil budget next year. I only hope they leave a little of the 8 Bil for our Cascades Corridor in the stimulus bill… maybe about .7 Bil.

    1. I hope so, although compared to the NEC, our wish list is small, and the Pt. Defiance Bypass will be part of a joint project with Sound Transit, anyway.

      1. Most of that list is full of great projects, all of which are necessary for true HSR in that corridor. I hope we get at least something.

      2. It’s starting to look like our local politicians and news media, what’s left of it, is ignoring the 8 Billion stimulus funding for HSR. Not one article or major speech on the subject. STB is the only coverage so far! Thanks.

        Not so east of the Mississippi. They all get it back there. Talk the good talk, and share in the rewards. There’s a lot of politicians touting HSR back east, and the media isn’t at all shy about covering the story.

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