Montlake Bridge
Photo by Voght

Hey Metro, the Montlake Bridge is going to be closed from 10am to 4pm tomorrow for the opening day of boating season.

Can we have a rider alert on the 43, 48, 271, etc?

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  1. Haha, uh, you might want to filter your advertisements a little more. Right now I’m seeing an ad about a 2009 Hummer Limo rental in Orlando, FL.

      1. I’m with Andrew. It’s up to them to figure out their target market. :)

      2. Amen ;)

        I once saw an ad for Hampton Roads Transit (, the transit agency where my brother lives. I say, let them

  2. This reminds me also of the ridiculous delays those routes experience during commencement every year. How hard it would be to split routes like the 48 in two during such events, rather than sticking to a route that they know won’t be able to move through Montlake for hours?

    Actually, I can’t see anything online about what Metro plans to do with these routes during the bridge closure. Do they reroute across the University Bridge, or do they just plan on letting 6 hours’ worth of buses back up on each side of the Montlake Bridge?

    1. I would imagine that once U Link goes online, we might be able to split the 48 in two at Husky Station anyway.

      1. Ben, there are significant technical obstacles to splitting the 48, to say nothing of the large costs.

    2. When the University bridge was closed last weekend, they rerouted over Montlake. They never posted anything online; just big “rider alert” signs at the missed stops.

    3. Previously, yes, they’ve rerouted the 48 across the U Bridge when Montlake was closed. I haven’t been on the 43 during one of those times but I would guess they would do the same.

  3. I want to say that I hate the opening day of boating with a passion. For some reason I had a test in calculus at the UW on a Saturday once and it happened to be that day. I lived on capitol hill at the time and didn’t realize until it was way too late that I would have to bus it downtown and back to the UW. I showed up an hour an fifteen minutes late to the test (it was two hours) and got a poor mark since I didn’t have enough time to complete it. I only ended up with a b+ in the class!

    For this, I will hate those boaters and their stupid holiday the rest of my life.

    1. I’d blame your prof. What kind of a savant schedules a test on opening day?

      1. He was a total jerk. He also took marks off for having bad handwriting even though my hand was in cast from a skateboarding accident. He told me to write with my left hand.


      2. Yeah, you know, if I had hurt my hand in a crew rowing accident…

    2. Me too! Parades in general, and this one in particular, should always be held on private property (or not at all) and should never inconvenience public transport to the extent that they do, ever!

  4. Oh, coome on – yes, it messes up the bus schedules for a day, but is that the fault of the event, or the fault of the transit agency that can’t get it together enough to realize this happens every year?

    Events like this are silly, but if it gets people out on the streets mingling with each other (not in their cars ignoring each other), it’s a good thing.

    Just think how much fun this will be when it’s a short walk from the husky stadium subway stop.

    1. It’s the fault of a city that doesn’t (yet!!!!!!) have a transit tunnel under the montlake cut .


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