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    1. I got caught in that video with my camcorder, in the shot of the train coming from the staging area.

  1. Toronto’s first subway opened on March 30, 1954. It was 7.4 kilometre (4.6 mile) long, now 68.3 km.

    1. even better! Toronto rocks. 13 years before Montreal. they’re getting a big infusion of cash from the provincial government for new subway and streetcar lines too. You should see the new subway cars they’ve ordered. Even better than DC.

      1. Except they STILL don’t have a line to the airport because the limo and taxi lobbyists are too powerful. I hear that might possibly change though.

        I think the Montréal Métro is much better. Quieter, smoother, and goes more places. Toronto’s system is more of a glorified commuter train. And don’t even get me started on those TTC workers who run it…

    1. And then extensions stacked up in 2016, 2020, 2021, and 2023 – and more if we vote for ’em.

      1. Northgate may still happen in 2018. Depends if ST gets the money they need to speed up North Link.

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