European indie rockers Art Brut don’t live in the fast lane, because they take the train. Check out this fun song sent in by reader Josh Mahar. We need more indie rockers singing about transit!

Some fun riffs on how transit is often slower than driving. But hey, I like browsing the Internet with my phone while busing to work. What do you do when you’re riding?

17 Replies to “Art Brut Loves Public Transportation”

  1. Plug in my Verizon laptop card so I can play games on the 230. The trip to Overlake is too quick to do anything serious.

  2. I listen to my mp3 player (Enigma, B-Tribe, ES Posthumus) and think about things. If I am on a longer ride I play OpenTTD on my laptop (if I’ve brought it along)

      1. advent.. sort of hard to bring your PDP-10 on the bus but with 600V overhead a phase splitter would make it do-able on an ETB :-)

        And with regard to A Little Less Anonymous, looks like several of you are old enough to shave. Still, feel welcome to come play on my lawn any time. Chris, you’re an old fudy dudy way before your time :-)

      2. My brother got me hooked on OpenTTD

        Also other FOSS games like Pingus, Super Tux, etc

        The best part is that they don’t suck up batteries

  3. I get on my Crackberry and check my email to see what happened while I was seeking refuge at home. A stuck bus in the tunnel, an accident here, a vomit call there. The joys of Metro.

      1. Happened on my way to work on Monday on the 230. Some drunk got on the bus (everyone smelled the booze) and insisted I get up so he could sit down

        (newcomers on this blog: I am in a wheelchair, and I get fully hooked in, all four restraints + the lap/shoulder seatbelt)

  4. Usually stare out the window. Read. Try to estimate how fast the bus is going. Grade papers. Play Tetris on my netbook if I have to pee. Surf the web if I miss my 72 and end up on the 522 instead.

    1. On the Bredas, if you sat in the high-seats just in front of the accordian-joint and behind the center-doors (bu on wither side) you could fall out of the window if the bus leaned just enough and the emergency latch popped.

      Did that (almost) a couple of times.

      I wonder if you can do it still now that they are trolleys. Nah, they don’t corner fast enough. Well, maybe in Ballard somewhere with the right operator.

  5. The other day I was running late for work and I had Skankin’ Pickle – I Missed The Bus stuck in my head.

    I work for a conservative talk show so mostly I wonder what I’ve done with my life while traveling to and from work lol. Or I sleep or talk (quietly) on the phone. I need a laptop.

  6. The bus gives me just about enough time every week to make it all the way through The Economist. Time well spent, with articles just the right length for commuters.

  7. I usually listen to my ipod, read a book, and in the mornings I sip my coffee and wake up the rest of the way. Given how sleepy I am in the mornings, I’d be a little scared if I was driving.

    Last November, I wrote on the bus a lot for Nanowrimo, but it’s not that easy to do. My ‘bus handwriting’ looks horrible. Bus rides are also pretty good for grading papers. Check-marks and minus signs are much easier than whole sentences!

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