Sounder at King Street Station by Brian Bundridge
Sounder at King Street Station by Brian Bundridge

Are you a busy person and on the run, trying to get to the train station before that last one leaves? Never miss a train again with TrainLogic! TrainLogic has a mobile application for Blackberry or any java enabled phone for cheap! The application is subscription based at $7.50 for six months. During the six months, application updates and any schedule changes and modifications are included in the cost. I requested the Amtrak Cascades to be added to their schedules and they did it in just a few days! Excellent and friendly customer service.

The schedules available for our region;

Sound Transit Sounder Commuter Rail and Tacoma Link
Amtrak Cascades
Portland MAX (All Lines), Streetcar, and WES

I have been using the app on my Blackberry 8330 and will be testing it on the Blackberry Tour (Verizon Wireless) when I receive the device. The application itself has been great and uses very little memory. If you are on the run and need to know when that next train is, this app is definitely the one for you! If you need a schedule added for your region, simply e-mail them and they’ll gladly add it to their list.

I found a review of the app on Youtube! Check it out, it is for the Blackberry Storm


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  1. Sounder schedules? But everyone remembers from the top of their heads!…Right?

    I’d like to hear your thoughts on this app. Finally nice to have a train schedule app that condenses all this info into one place. But for once, my iPhone is useless. Seems like they did it on purpose as they sort of take a jab at it around their page. (Yes, I know about the Java support issue, but the iPhone is one of the most popular smart phones with 11% market share for just 1 model.)

  2. I added a youtube video of the application, Mike. It does seem that more and more stuff is slowly becoming available for the Blackberry. The BB’s have always been known to be more business but since I have been using the 8330, I don’t know why I haven’t gotten one sooner. They really are an awesome phone. I like the iphone but I don’t like AT&T or T-Mobile… it doesn’t help either of those companies that there is no phone service at all after Eatonville and Morton. Sprint and Verizon Wireless are the ones that have service up there, which is important =)

    Anywho, I’ll keep testing it this weekend and I’ll let you know how it goes! I think the biggest thing they could add is a “home station” option that always defaults to that station which makes the selection a bit faster.

  3. Really, the agencies involved (as if they dont already have enough to do) should be making blackberry/ipod/mobile web versions of their schedule and trip planner sites availble as a public service. Paying for public information is not kosher in my book.

    1. I agree. ST and Metro need to make mobile versions of their sites, which
      access the real time arrival info if available. ST also needs to get their stuff on Google Transit, but I know they’ve been trying.

      As for Sounder and Cascades train schedules… There are few enough trains that I could write the times on my palm. I don’t see a need to pay every six months for that info.

      1. That’s all available on One Bus Away (as long as you’re looking for a Metro operated ST route). Same with Google Transit.

        I have found that Metro’s own trip planner works best. It knows about temporary service changes (like some of the UW routes that don’t operate during quarter breaks).

      2. I know of One Bus Away, but it’s far from perfect. Metro should help them out and make it a little more useful with maps, etc. Usability and design could use some major work as well (but I don’t know if I’d trust Metro to improve design, to be honest).

        I agree that Metro’s planner is better than Google Transit, but Metro’s planner is annoying to use from a mobile phone and that’s what this whole topic is about. On the other hand, Google Transit works great on the iPhone.

        Try going to from your mobile phone and seeing what a real transit agency’s mobile site looks like. The site adapts according to your phone and admittedly looks best on an iPhone, but it plans A to B trips, next arrivals for any bus, train, and metro from any station, etc. Information you’d expect a transit agency to provide easily for everyone for free.

      3. How is it that you love Google Transit but think the maps on OBA can be more useful? They are Google Maps.

      4. No matter how hard I look, I can’t find a map of the routes from one bus away on the iPhone version of their website. If it’s there, perhaps they need to work on usability (like I said).

        Even so, one bus away doesn’t plan trips and display it all on a nice, scrollable and zoomable map like Google Transit does.

      5. Okay, I see it shows the bus stop on Google Maps, but that’s it. Not the entire route and certainly not the entire trip with transfer points, etc.

  4. Our schedule is really easy =P

    Thursday and Friday, Diesel locomotive, 2:00pm departure
    Saturday and Sunday, Steam Locomotive, 10:30am and 2:30pm departure

    There will be a schedule modification for next year since there has been talks on running 4 trains (excluding specials) on Saturday and Sunday’s

  5. For those of you who have not tried it yet and for those who have, Trainlogic now has trip planning. The New Trip screen has Date and Time fields for planning a trip up to 14 days in advance. This official release gives you the option to use either “classic” (24-hour) mode or the new 14-day “planning” mode.

    Read more here:

  6. The Sounder train has been really unreliable during the recent cold weather. They never even give a reason for cancelled or late trains. If Sound Transit wants to be a good citizen and a premier provider of transportation services, then they would provide a free mobile application (iphone and blackberry) that provides real time train schedule updates with delays, etc.

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