Through a somewhat complicated peer election process, Ineke DeBoer of Green Lake has been selected for Metro’s Operator of the Year for 2008.  If you see her driving on the 31 or 68, be sure to congratulate her.

This should also serve as a reminder to send in comments about drivers that do an especially good job.  Too often, we’re quick to complain, but take outstanding service for granted.

12 Replies to “Metro’s Operator of the Year”

  1. Hey, I just rode her bus this morning. She really is a great operator, always friendly and providing great customer service to riders along the line.

  2. Well of course she’s the operator of the year! She’s dutch! Just look at her last name: DeBoer –> De boer meaning the farmer in dutch.
    Congrats to Ineke de Boer!

  3. A couple of weeks ago I had an operator on a 70 something that stood out. I was headed downtown to catch a 194, but the 70 series were on reroute due to some stuff happening on the Ave. With his lead foot and questionable passes, I only missed the 194 by two minutes instead of five. I’m sure it made a difference to the other 50 some passengers on the bus.
    Actually I love any operator with a lead foot.

  4. Has a part-timer ever been selected Operator Of The Year? Or, for that matter, Operator Of The Month?

      1. Since the Operator Of The Year is selected by that year’s Operators of the Month, I assume the honor goes to the one with the most seniority. Hence no part-timers ever become OOY.

    1. Even Seattle Transit had a few women drivers when I was a kid in the 1950s – they had continued on the job after WWII and were uniformly much nicer than many of the men who seemed grouchier and less friendly to this 10 year old riding alone for the first time all the way from Lincoln Park to the West Seattle Junction and back on the electrically powered #18.

      1. I remember when the last woman driver on the Seattle Transit System retired, this being before the Metro 1973 takeover and the re-opening of driver’ ranks to both sexes.

  5. I like the driver I have southbound on the 174 each morning, but the bus I take only goes to Boeing Industrial. The driver always clearly announces that the bus “does not serve immigration, Sea-Tac airport, or Federal Way,” which I think is important considering all the signs say that you can take the 194 “via I-5” or the 174 to the airport.

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