A reminder that the next meet-up is this Thursday, August 6, from 6pm to about 9.  I’ll finalize the venue tomorrow, and it’ll be either Capitol Hill or Columbia City.

I would be sure to be there by 7.

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  1. I might actually go if it is Columbia City, though there is the possibility that I have a conflicting event that night. Don’t know yet.

  2. I’ll be there, probably very jet-lagged. Spoiler alert: I just took a 150 mph train trip!

      1. *shakes fist* I was just looking at Shinkansen tickets from my last trip. I envy you!

    1. Because TCC scheduled theirs after we announced ours. We have a guest speaker whose schedule can’t be changed on short notice.

      1. And is someone working to combine them? Or do you think it’s a smart thing to divide up the small transit-supportive community we have here in Seattle?

      2. They should be coming by the Ale House around 9, right when we’re wrapping up.
        That’s one reason I made sure that was the venue.

        Perhaps you should direct your snide remarks to the TCC, who scheduled their event after ours and don’t have guest speakers with full schedules.

  3. I’m coming in from North Bend, so whatever is easy for me to get to by bus or Link from downtown Seattle


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