We’re thinking about having our next meetup somewhere in Bellevue easily reachable via 550.  Anyone out there know of a place there that would, ideally,

– be all-ages

– serve good, cheap beer &  food

– is not crazy packed on a midweek night

Not all of these are necessary, but more is better.  Thanks?

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  1. Azteca – NE 2nd/112th Ave NE (just a short walk from the transit center away from Kemperland).

  2. There’s a walking path west from Bellevue Transit Center which goes right by a Rock Bottom Brewery. It’s one of the very few pedestrian-friendly features in downtown Bellevue. The restaurant itself faces 106th. The path continues toward Bellevue Square.

  3. Las Margaritas is just across the street from the transit center on 108th Ave. NE. Had many an afterwork cerveza there. There’s also a Rock Bottom Brewery in the Bellevue Galleria at 106th NE, just a block from the transit center. Neither of these are owned by Junior.

    1. +1 for Las Margaritas. Good food that is fairly inexpensive and nice, strong drinks. Plus it is right next to where I work (I live on Bellevue Ave. in Seattle and work in Bellevue :-)

  4. Whereever you go, please make sure it has nothing to do with the Freeman Empire in any way, shape or form.

  5. I’d second that vote for Rock Bottom Brewery – very convenient to the 550. Las Margaritas; no complaints there, either! Although now that I noticed “cheap” is in your list of requireds, we might need to strike Rock Bottom! :-)

  6. Yeah, if it is cheap, Rock Bottom wouldn’t fit a lot of people’s cheap list.

    Las Margaritas has great food and decent prices. We can also reserve spots (we did this at Expedia many times)

  7. Tap House. 106th and NE 6th, next to Rock Bottom. They have a happy hour menu 4pm-6pm I think. The price is very affordable with happy hour menu. They have a back room you can reserve. It is quite big and semi-private. It will fit 25-30 people. I had events there. They were very well received.

  8. The bar isn’t. I am pretty sure the back room is open for all ages. It is a restaurant after all.

  9. Toscano/Panini’s – upscale and kind of pricey, but very nice with lots of seating. Located 1 block west of library

    Panera – 2 blocks west of library.

    Top Pot – Nuff said. 3 blocks to the southwest of library.

  10. Second that on avoiding any Freeman property. Also, Yes Please to the under 21 crowd.

    I may live in Bellevue, but I don’t know the restruant scene (I’m perfectly happy eating at home, the cafeteria, or a Jack-in-the-Box)

    Wherever you decide, please make sure it’s wheelchair accessible for me (I think this would be my first meetup). Even one step is too much

    1. I agree, I had been planning on asking Martin to make the next place wheelchair reachable so that we could finally get to meet you.

      Can you make it to the tap house and brewery? It is also a restaurant


      1. Tap house? Uh, considering how they emphasize beer on their website? :::sick look::: (morally, I can’t touch alcohol, not even one sip – especially since my brother’s living with me*)

        * Originally just out here on a visit, my brother Adam was accepted into UW (UPass riders: what does he need to know?) and is under 21

      2. Congrats to your brother, Jessica! My brother was accepted to the UW, too.

        All you need to know about the U-PASS can be found at http://www.washington.edu/commuterservices/programs/upass/info.php

        He can practically ride any transit service in the region for free just by showing his U-PASS, that’s it. (One Big Exception are rides on Washington State Ferries).

        He can get discounts with a U-PASS at several businesses including bike stuff at Recycled Cycles. U-PASS holders can purchase discounted bike helmets and locks at Hall Health. Too bad the 15% discount for Amtrak is no more.

        The UW U-PASS will transition to ORCA sometime in 2010.

      3. I don’t think many UW students realize what a steal the U-Pass is.

        I live in South Bellevue, but also am totally oblivious to bars/restaurants around here. I don’t eat out much or drink, for that matter. I’ll try and look something up.

      4. Pierce Transit on U-Pass?

        You suck! Wish Microsoft was that generous ;) (and that’s the reason I carry around my own personal ORCA)

      5. I’m pretty sure Tap House allows people under 21 except right at the bar. Still whatever venue is chosen it would be best to confirm both that people under 21 are welcome and the space is wheelchair accessible.

        While Tap House isn’t super-expensive their prices are a bit steep for anyone on a limited budget. Ideally the meetup should be somewhere with a bit cheaper food.

  11. Now remember, if you’re going to stay away from any Kemper Freeman property because of his politics, then you will want to look into look into the politics of the owners of The Rock Bottom, The Tap House, Las Margaritas, etc., as well. And for that matter, you might want to inquire as to your waiter’s politics, also, just to be on the safe side.

    But if I were you, I’d go to Chipotle. It’s cheap, very good, and right on the 550 line.

    1. Kemper has been rather over the top and public with his anti-rail and anti-transit views. While the owners of other restaurants (and their property owners) may share some of his views they certainly haven’t been as public and prominent.

      If the meetup were held at a Kemper owned site some might show up, but enough people wouldn’t that it is worth avoiding his developments.

      1. You’re right, he has been very outspoken. I think there was a Seinfeld episode about this topic. Some restaurant owner was pro-life, so Elaine refused to eat there. Something like that. But yeah, even though I’m not going, if you guys haven’t tried Chipotle, while it’s not authentic Mexican food, it’s still really good.

      2. Why? I’m most just a troll, to be honest. But yeah, I do have an interest in public transit and transportation in general.

      3. We have a few trolls it would be interesting to meet! Then again, most of us are trolls on some subject or other – even on the Blog.

    2. I’m pretty sure I got some email about Chipotle contributing to slave labor or something. Could be bs.

  12. Tangerine Thai is super good and wheelchair accessible, located in the Expedia Building and right off the 550 line. About a block or so from Bellevue Transit Center and Las Margaritas.

  13. Clearly the most appropriate venue for this group is the Orient Express. You know, those rail cars on 4th on your way to Costco. Ask for the private car the Roosevelt slept in. It’s probably an ugly walk from Link, but walkable.

    1. Not that ugly, I think. Just over a third of a mile from SODO Station, and basically just around the corner. Now, it’s not the most fun place to walk in Seattle, but it is not really all that different from walking to downtown Columbia City from the CC Station, I suppose.

      And, yes, if there is a meetup there and it’s on a night I can attend, I’m there!

      1. “not really all that different from walking to downtown Columbia City from the CC Station” — I meant, different in distance. It’s very different in context.

  14. I really hope the next venue is good for us under 21 folk, I was bumbed about the Columbia City Ale House thing, I was hoping to come!

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