5 Replies to “Cascades Bulletin: Superliners on 510/517”

  1. Off topic: anyone notice the inordinate amount of ORCA readers failing to read cards today? I couldn’t check out at Columbia City – none of the 4 readers I tried worked. Anyone know what’s up?

  2. Not so off-topic, jcdk.

    Because, I want to remind everyone of one little known fact.

    Those who use trains #510/513/516/517, M-F, Sea-Everett… when they can’t take Sounder, by using their monthy Sounder-valid passes…

    the ORCA card is NOT accepted by Amtrak (no way to read it by the on-board crew)

    And don’t forget, Amtrak does NOT stop in Mukilteo!


    1. The ticket vending machines are supposed to be able to print a RailPlus ticket if you have a monthly pass on the ORCA card.

  3. didn’t even see this at work yet! thanks for the heads up.

    speaking of orca cards and sound transit. they are in the process of wrapping sound transit locomotive 902 with an absurdly ugly ORCA themed wrap. i took a picture and if anyone cared enough i could post it somewhere. the unit is sitting on the north end of the car rip (that teeny little building covering the 2 tracks where they do engine repair). its directly next to holgate street if anyone is dying to see it in person.

    interestingly enough this is the same engine that had that awesome city of destiny red and yellow colored wrap.

  4. Aww they took away the City of Destiny wrap…

    Anyway, I think once they get done with that they should maybe put it back, as wellas wrap each of the locomotives for a city along the line (Tacoma, Puyallup, Sumner, Auburn, Kent, Tukwila, Seattle, Edmonds, Mukilteo, Everett)…

    Do we have enough locomotives for that? Or should we wrap the Cascades units Too? ^_^

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