[UPDATE: I believe we’ve identified a venue, which we’ll announce shortly.  Thanks for your recommendations.]

Our next meetup will be Thursday, October 8 from about 6 to 10 pm.  We’ll have guest speakers and will be putting it together in conjunction with our friends at the land-use site northwesthub.org.

We’re still working on the venue, and if you suggest a free, quiet, yummy location for about 40-50 people south of Capitol Hill and north of Renton, we’ll listen.

Comment from Ben: Be sure to stay past 9.

10 Replies to “Save the Date”

  1. Not that you probably have tons of overlap, but this time will most likely conflict with the monthly Slog happy hour.

      1. It’s not a casino and under 21 is welcome anywhere but the bar.

        Venue details:
        Orient Express
        2963 4th Ave S
        (206) 682-0863

      2. I second this suggestion. That place has meeting rooms and it is actually pretty big inside. When we’ve been there (admittedly, a few months back) the food was good. It is open to all ages. And it’s in train cars, and just a few minutes’ walk from SODO Station!

  2. North of Renton? So no Chang’s Mongolian Grill, eh?

    Wish I knew a great venue off the top of my head that served food and fit that criteria. Hopefully someone’s got “the poop” as Kristin Chenoweth might say.

  3. I suggest something off one of the Link stations. You know, make people take transit to the pow-wow. How about around Columbia City?

  4. I would love to attend these events. However they are always held when I cannot go. Can we hold one on a friday Saturday night. I cannot go to Thursday night ones.

  5. Umm – what happened to the idea of East King?

    As I mentioned before, the Azteca near the Bellevue Transit Center has a separate room for such an event.

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