This post originally appeared on Orphan Road.

So I had this long blog post drafted about McGinn, Mallahan and the tunnel, and how the tunnel was costing McGinn more than it was gaining him, and how it was going to cost him the election.

Anyway, I guess it’s all moot now because McGinn’s using the unanimous city council vote to approve the tunnel as an reason (excuse?) to modify his position.

Anyway, I’m voting McGinn and you should, too. If you’re undecided, you should watch these video highlights from the Capitol Hill candidates forum. McGinn comes across as super knowledgeable, though Mallahan does seem more likeable and empathetic. Without much of a public service record to stand on, though, it’s hard to know who would be a more successful mayor. McGinn might prove too wonky and stubborn to compromise and get anything done, while Mallahan may be too “pragmatic” (his word) to do anything meaningful.

So we roll the dice.

In the end, though, if Susan Hutchison does pull out a win for King County executive (and it looks like she may), it will be even more important to have someone standing up for the city on transit issues.

Vote McGinn.

PS: For other endorsements, check out the transit riders union’s responses here.

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