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  1. I’m curious if anyone knows what happened with the deep-bore tunneling machines used to dig the lines to Beacon Hill Station. Could they not be brought back into use to begin the digging to Capitol Hill Station?

    1. As has been stated before, the TBM’s are owned by the respective Subcontractors that ST hored to dig the tunnels. If the same contrators were hired, and they still had the machines, or if the machines were sold to a different contractor, there is nothing that would preclude them being used to bore the U-Link tunnels.

    2. You can see a TBM, I’m guessing from Beacon Hill, down along the Link line just north of where it goes into the elevated structure on the way to Tukwila.

  2. Well I hope Pete stays on the board. He is the only member of the board or the council who has tried to help me keep the 194.

    1. The 194 isn’t exactly going away. Call it replacement +. The 574 is taking over the 194’s route from the airport south, plus the stops at the Tacoma Dome and Lakewood, with *more* frequency. It’s just stopping at the airport, so you’ll have to transfer to LINK from there.

      To that extent, Pete has already succeeded, and gotten you MLK County’s first BRT line, the A, with 10-minute headway and about 30 minutes travel time between Federal Way and SeaTac.

      The commute will become faster for the vast majority of trips. If you don’t count the longer waiting time for the 194, the commute might be slightly slower, but still more dependable.

      Stuck in traffic daily vs. a freak need to reroute every few months… I’m jealous of your commute.

      1. Although they made it so that King County is now named after Martin Luther King Jr, they didn’t change the name.

      2. For many people this will be a problem. I can give an example. A man I know who rides the 194 to work in Seattle and home in Des Moines. He rides during the non-peak hours. He cannot afford to take Link. It is to expensive for him. He has an option take the 174 to Tukwila and then take the 124. A longer commute. Less time for his family. The 194 was perfect for him. But since ST wants to force herd as many people on to Link to boost its ridership numbers he loses out. There are others like him. This is no longer a problem since I’ve moved to the Kent valley. I only take the 194 after Thursday night services at my Church.

    1. The 194 really is a victim of the recession. If we kept the 194 (which I fervently oppose doing), then other runs somewhere, where there aren’t so many other options like Link, would have to get cut.

      Take the 574 (covering all the 194 stops south of the airport, plus Tacoma Dome and Lakewood), the #A Rapid Ride on Pacific Hwy S, and the 195 night owl from the airport to all the stations, and be thankful.

      1. Actually, there will be no 195 Night Owl. :( It wasn’t included in the final changes approved by the county council. The proposed 195 was basically the 194 running all night and it wasn’t a Link shadow bus.

      2. Thankful that people are going to have to pay more. Thankful that ST and King County thinks Kent/Des Moines residents are second class citizens. I don’t think so. This is not about a recession, this about boosting Links numbers.

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