KC Metro:

  • Christmas Eve, and 12/28-12/31, Metro is operating its “reduced weekday” and “no UW” service levels.
  • Christmas and New Year’s are Sunday schedules.
  • through this Wednesday (12/23), the “no UW” schedule is in effect.

Sound Transit, Everett Transit:

  • Sunday service on Christmas and New Year’s, no other changes.

Community Transit:

  • 12/24-1/1: 207, 227, 247 canceled; 277, 280 truncated.
  • 12/24, 12/31: Boeing service canceled; some 400-series trips canceled (not just those marked with an “H”, thanks to typos; click on the link)
  • Christmas and New Year’s: Sunday Schedule

Pierce Transit:

  • Sunday service on Christmas and New Year’s; no fares on Christmas for local service

28 Replies to “Holiday Service Roundup”

  1. No fares on Christmas on PT? What a nice present! Do they do that every year? I think it’s a fair guess that you’d never see Metro do that!

    1. Pierce does it every Thanksgiving and Christmas for local routes (not sure if Pierce-operated express (the 490 as an example) routes are free – the Pierce operated ST Express (the 594 as an example) routes are *not* free).

    2. My understanding is that Pierce Transit has given free rides on Thanksgiving and Christmas for about 15 years now, primarily to ensure that people with no funds can get to and from free holiday dinners.

  2. TomK

    I think it’s a fair guess that you’d never see Metro do that!

    Actually instead of once a year – Metro offers free rides ever day – in downtown Seattle. Loses millions of dollars doing so as the City of Seattle pays a pittance for the service.

    Start a ride free area in downtown Tacoma and you might have a fair ding at Metro’s stinginess.

    1. I’m well aware of the RFA. I meant system-wide and in light of the county’s recent budgetary woes (and with tongue placed firmly in cheek – sheesh, lighten up, it’s the holidays already!)

    2. As Jeff W has stated so often, KCMetro offers free rides all over the system, every single day for no particular reason.

      1. @Lloyd,

        Free rides…for no particular reason? Really? What about:

        DEMAND MANAGEMENT—To replace short car trips downtown with transit trips, both work related trips and recreational/tourist trips.


        SOCIAL JUSTICE—To serve the vast number of social service agencies and folks without means in downtown.

        And let’s not kid ourselves: farebox revenue is not going to keep Metro alive. The ride free zone encourages transit trips that would not otherwise be taken.

      2. I’m well aware of the high importance of both categories you mention. And I know fare-box revenue will never keep KCMetro afloat.
        However, I feel that the RFZ’s day has passed, and that there will be fewer hassles of transit operators once it is abolished. In an almost perfect world, all fare collection would be off-vehicle (or at least we’d have pay-as-you-board, always), and transit fare inspectors, rather than operators, would do checks to make sure everyone aboard has in fact paid. Miscreants to be dealt with as appropriate.

      3. I rather doubt getting rid of the RFZ would add much revenue, and certainly not enough to have security/ambassadors on a significant portion of the fleet. (Though I do think having more security would increase ridership, especially among women, and decrease vandalism part replacement costs. SRO buses would have limited benefit from ambassadors, though.)

        The only real gain I see from getting rid of the RFZ is if the system were to go to all pay-before-you-board. Let’s see how CT, Metro, and PT handle their first BRT routes before we push to make the elements of BRT systemwide.

    3. Is what’s intresting is that Tri-Met elimited their RFA for buses in the transit mall, however you can ride MAX for free within the bounderies still… Prehaps Metro/ST should do the same thing. Make buses pay as you enter and LINK free in the tunnel. Would cut back on the fare evasion for all involved, although ST might loose a bit of revenue in downtown (like they were getting it anyway. Why pay to ride link through the tunnel when you could get on a free bus?)

      1. If you’re traveling within the downtown tunnel, why wait 5-10 minutes for a train when buses usually come more frequently?

        If I had to wait that long for a free service, I’d walk. I can get from my office near Pioneer Square to Westlake in about 10 minutes. Getting to the station takes time, waiting takes time and getting from the platform to the surface also takes time.

        Wouldn’t pay-as-you-board also slow the trains down because every one is going through the front door of the bus to pay? Trains cannot pass buses and vice-versa in the tunnel.

        It’s bad enough when buses sit at the station for minutes to load/unload passengers + wheelchair ramp, during RFA is in effect, during peak hours. *ding* “The train is being held due to traffic ahead. The train will be moving shortly. We apologize for the delay.” is a message I never want to hear. It destroys the marketing message that “Link never gets stuck in traffic.”

      2. My thinking has always been that the FRA should end when all busses come up to the surface at the time ULink opens. I also really wish that for that service change there would be a major overhaul and rationalization of most in-city routes (it has been 70+ years for some of them after all).

  3. To add to the holiday service info.

    Amtrak will be running 1 extra train in each direction tomorrow Wednesday December 23rd and Sunday December 27th between Seattle and Portland.

    Same schedule both days.

    Train 511 Departs SEA 10:30 AM – Arrives PDX 2:45 PM
    Train 514 Departs PDX 4:00 PM – Arrives SEA 8:15 PM

    Both directions are still available for $47 each way. This equipment will be 3 Amfleet coaches and 1 Horizon cafe car with 1 engine, train will WYE in portland.

    I’ll most likely be working this train tomorrow. maybe I’ll see some of you.

  4. South Lake Union Streetcar – Route 98

    The South Lake Union Streetcar (Route 98) operates a Sunday schedule on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. It operates a Saturday schedule on all Fridays.

  5. WOW! Took Link from Mount Baker Station to Seatac Station this morning and it was pretty full. Walked around a while and boarded train for Westlake Station and it was PACKED! A lot of people boarded at the airport and then even more at Tukwila. Then it picked up people at each stop along the way.

    A few observations… The train seemed very smooth with no back and forth wobbling as some have said they felt. The train didn’t stop once along MLK Way or in the tunnel. ST really needs to explore stations at Graham/MLK in Seattle and 133th/Marginal in Tukwila and build the Boeing Field Station. That would really fill in the gaps in the system.

    The times were faster than what ST states, but maybe it’s because there were no issues. For instance, took 7 minutes to get from Tukwila Station to Rainier Beach Station instead of 9 minute posted time. And 3 minutes from Othello Station to Columbia City Station instead of 2 minute posted time. In fact we got from Seatac to Westlake in 31 minutes instead of 36 minutes. VERY nice!

      1. I am hoping Metro can clear the buses out of the tunnel sooner rather than later.

        Most of the south routes using the tunnel ought to be LINKed in the near future. I hope Metro is looking at the feasibility of LINKing the 101 and 102 at Rainier Beach Station (with the freed-up buses used to increase the frequency on those routes and allow them to start earlier and run later, as someone on this board requested). Same with the 150 at Tukwila International Station. I realize the 150 is already frequent, so earlier/later service, and perhaps a splitting of destinations (e.g. a Kent/Auburn Station express from SeaTac Station) might be possible inducements.

        Pushing the rest of the buses upstairs would probably require getting the Seattle City Council to make Third Avenue an all-day bus mall, which should be done anyway.

        Let’s do the thousand little things it takes to decrease LINK travel time and get the trains filled up sooner rather than later.

      2. I would like to see Boeing Access Road Station built, maybe also a Interurban/133rd Station, and the 150 rerouted to serve both. Also consider a small diversion of the 124 from E Marginal to serve Boeing Access Road Station that’ll improve connections from Link to Boeing and the Museum of Flight and potentially other south side neighborhoods.

        That would increase travel time over existing bus service that uses I-5 but speed isn’t everything. There are slower systems that have better connections/feeder buses with overall higher frequency (rail and feeder) and much greater ridership.

  6. Another wild question. With the availability of Stimulus funds would it be possible to accelerate some of the Sound Transit Projects so that they come online years earlier? For instance, they could build over I-90 to South Bellevue without much resistance and leave the remainder for later? They could start the projects south of the airport?

  7. I beilieve they were trying to start expansion south sooner. North is dependant on a tunnel and the east still requires plenty of design work before construction can begin.

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