This post originally appeared on Orphan Road.

Via email, the Mayor says he’s suspending the crack-down on private parking lots around light rail stations:

SEATTLE – Mayor Mike McGinn announced today the city is suspending enforcement of a Seattle ordinance that prevents all-day paid parking near light-rail stations. Within 30 days the mayor will propose a new policy to address parking near light-rail stations.

“The current law has good intentions – to promote mixed-use development. But in today’s economic conditions it does not seem to make sense,” McGinn said.

During the mayoral campaign last fall, McGinn heard from business owners near his Othello neighborhood campaign headquarters and throughout Southeast Seattle concerned about the city ordinance, and he promised to look into it.

The city’s existing policy is designed to encourage mixed-use development around train stations. “We don’t want the primary land use around those stations to be parking, and we certainly don’t want businesses to be torn down for parking,” McGinn said.

However, he said, it makes sense to consider allowing market-rate parking on existing lots near the Othello station and elsewhere in the city until the economy can support new mixed-use development. “It’s good for local businesses and commuters to be more flexible now,” he said.

Step aside, Joel Connelly. Back up, Knute Berger. Sit Down, David Brewster. Martin H. Duke is obviously the most powerful pundit in Seattle.