In light of all the news lately about East Link alignment choices, and in large part just because we haven’t had one, it’s well past time to have a meetup in Bellevue. Our planned date: Thursday, February 11th.

I’m waiting for a confirmation, but we should have space at the Rock Bottom. It’s a block from Bellevue Transit Center, in the Galleria – which I understand is neither a Kemper Freeman nor a Kevin Wallace property (although it’s probably someone with their values).

I’d imagine you should start filtering in around 6, but don’t worry if you can’t show up until a little later – I’m sure folks will be there until at least 9. Please comment if you can (or can’t) make it!

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  1. Is there a date? As long as it is not a Thursday, I’ll be there – first ride on the 550 (don’t get to the Eastside much)!

      1. Hey, I make the schedule where I work – I can trade myself with someone (after asking nicely, of course).

    1. I’m driving the 550 next week in the afternoon so I can haul you all over to Bellevue and then arrive late. My shift is over at around 6:40ish – I’ll have to dig up my runcard to get the exact time.

      1. Oh, Matt……going back to East Huh? Are you tired of the wire or did you go back for longer trippers?

      2. I love the wire and will be back. I’m picky about quit times and miss driving the 550 so East it is for this shakeup.

        I do have PT to FT paperwork in hand if I’m interested in driving the 7 at night. :). I’ll hold out for a unified seniority list though.

  2. How exactly does this work? Is this a meeting of like 20-30 people? A stage where people will discuss what’s going on?

    Can we talk to Sound Transit staff?

    Never been to one of these.

    1. Well the last one had a lot of Sound Transit people, but it was an unofficial Sound Transit thing. The rest of the meetups have been just a bunch of commenters and such. Usually the STB staff makes an appearance :D
      Since they’re always at restaurants, people just find a seat and sit around and talk about whatever comes up; it’s almost always related to transportation.

      And of course the 556 arrives at Bell TC at 5:42 and 6:11. So I’ll either be early, or fashionably late.

    2. STB meetups usually vary. It’s usually informal, but sometimes there will be speakers (in the past, we’ve had current county exec. Dow Constantine, Mike McGinn, Mike O’Brien, and other elected officials and candidates). I don’t believe we’ll have any speakers this time around as we’ll most likely be talking about East Link, but I’ll let Ben clarify that if I’m wrong.

      1. It would be interesting to invite Kevin Wallace. Facing his biggest critics would certainly allow him to make the ‘best case’ for the Vision Line concept.

      2. I’m seconding that invite suggestion, speaking as a Bellevue resident.

        Let him face those of us who want to pay extra for a Downtown Bellevue tunnel (yes Kevin: I, a Bellevue resident, want a tax increase to pay for a downtown tunnel).

  3. I’d go, but I have several other events happening Thursday the 11th. An east side meet up every so often is a good idea though.

  4. Okey doke, here it comes:
    I know this place is a bar, but any word for the under-21 group here?

      1. It’s a restaurant-bar configuration, so as long as you’re not sitting at the bar, you should be okay.

      2. Great. I was looking around, And Google says that no minors are allowed, but multiple other sites say that it has a kids menu and is kid friendly. I’ll definitely call though…

      3. Yeah I’ll have to check on that too. Don’t want to show up and be denied access…

        “But I only wanted to talk about trains!”

  5. The Galleria has switched hands a few times, but now I believe it’s under the ownership of Realty Partners, a real estate investment firm based in LA. I would imagine that they have no idea what East Link is.

    1. Rock Bottom is at the Galleria, which is managed locally by a firm called JSH. They are engaged in the conversation, and so far have expressed the desire for the system to serve this property. They favored the deep bore tunnel option last year. Since then, Bungee Games is moving in (in the former theater complex) – a great thing for Bellevue.

  6. About time there’s a meetup on my side of the Lake :D

    Assuming I’m not in the hospital (having some medical difficulties with my pregnancy), little brother Adam & I will be there!!

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