We’ve just gotten ahold of an earlier draft of the downtown Bellevue analysis, and there’s an interesting numerical revision.

The earlier 2030 boarding projections for the downtown segment were: 5,500 for the C14E (I-405 alignment), and 8,500 for C11A (surface, two stations). The final numbers in Monday’s document were 6,000 and 8,000, respectively. This means that somewhere in the process, we went from a ridership difference of 3,000 between the two options – meaning C11A would have picked up more than 50% more riders – to only a difference of 2,000. The final draft is presumably the best judgment of both City and ST, but I hope this is discussed at the workshop. We’re following up with both agencies to get an explanation.

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    1. I didn’t see a change to the walksheds, but there could have been something not reflected on the maps.

  1. Sounds like there has been pressure on staff to look at actual projection figures and revisit the rounding up or down thereof. But pressure from whom…hmm…I wonder…who could that be??

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