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    1. By the way, I really like the emphasis on station accessibility and usability for bikes, it really ties into this from CTOD yesterday:

      Providing free automobile parking is like giving away free pizza: it induces demand. To a large degree, the same can be said for the provision of safe, convenient, and highly visible bicycle parking facilities. Indeed, in concert with a well-articulated bikeway network, bicycle parking and other end-of-trip facilities remove additional barriers— perceived and real— that continue to deter bicycle use.

  1. Great video! Its all so exciting to see. But really. ST needs to chill it with the bells. Anyone that has lives in a city with an establish rail system will find it ridiculous how much they ring them.

  2. Wait! Where are the LOOOOTERS?

    Where is the stand-up with Big Don?

    Why no interview with Save Our Valley?

  3. While the hurdles to transit success are very high in Seattle –because of topography and an obstructive political culture – it’s happily reassuring to hear things like: “We hope to be in continual construction of multi-modal transit service in this region, for the next 30 years if possible.” God Bless Sound Transit. And great video!

  4. That’s awesome! How did you guys get permission to take footage inside the “cockpit”?

  5. There is no such thing as “Too Fast”

    I love this subway-style lightrail, and wished it could be done half-as-fast. Let’s start building the WestSeatte-Ballard Line and the Blue Line (Woodinville thru Kenmore and Lake City thru Northgate, turning South thru Woodland Park Zoo and Fremont intersecting the lines in Downtown Seattle heading south thru the indurtial valley to SouthCenter Mall continuing south thru Kent, and turning East towards Convington and Maple Valley)

  6. Galen,

    Sound Transit did provide us about four or five shots for the video off a DVD they have. Inside the cockpit was one they gave us.

  7. It’s 15K daily boardings or 7.5K daily Users assuming most people go home at the end of the day.

  8. Also the three minute headways doesn’t happen when the UW tunnel comes on line, it happens when the Eastside I-90 EastLink is built, unless the folks at ST are planning on not letting any eastside train merge into the downtown tunnel. What a PR piece this video is..No actual footage of walking in any of the Rainer S. neighborhoods to a station vs the old bus station locations…No mention of the cost.. ugh.

    1. They can easily increase it to three minutes headways immediately after the UW line comes online, just turn the trains around at stadium station.

      1. If ST runs the MLK N/S LINK trains at 3 minutes, there will be no room in the DT for the Eastside LINK trains. So they won’t do it. Besides at 15K riders a day they will double the length of the trains first.

      2. They can run increased frequency on U-Link by turning back some southbound trains at Stadium Station until East Link comes on line. Not all the trains need to continue to MLK and once East Link is finished the trains that were previously being turned at Stadium can continue to the Eastside.

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