5 Replies to “PT Tomorrow Details Released”

  1. In other Pierce County news one bus away is asking for testers to give feedback on their Pierce Transit real time arrival info that presumably is on its way, which is exciting.

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for throwing out that link to Tacoma Tomorrow! I never thought of going looking for a Tacoma-specific transit blog, but now that I know one exists I’ve definitely bookmarked it.

    (wouldn’t it be cool if down the road they actually built out all of the streetcar extension options listed on that page?)

  3. STB
    Thanks for the South Sound exposure. Looks like the Tacoma Tomorrow blog is pretty new, but has some great details on the issues down here. Looks like my most convenient bus route is totally going away.

    Andrew, what where when on the one bus away for Pierce Transit?

  4. Grew up in Tacoma riding PT almost 20 years ago. They let me tour the maintenance facility when I was in middle school at Mason and got all excited about their new CNG busses! I really wish PT was growing smoothly. I live in Seattle now and I love the availabilty of transit; it’s one of the many reasons I live here. I know STB is a lot about King county but I want you to know I vote, I support Tacoma and transit! One Bus Away has made transit travel much better for me and I’m rally glad to here PT will be included! Anyway just expressing my support of all of this… I wonder what ever happened to Frank Thompson and his hammer handle or I wonder how Luke from the 16 and Catalina ever did. Wow that was some reminiscing. Those are two bus drivers who’s friendly company helped make my parents’ divorce much more tolerable. I wonder if anyone has written about the psychological benefits of transit. :) A little rambly and off-topic but… I digress.

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