In the 2010 “Seattle 2.0” awards, OneBusAway is nominated in the “best non-profit startup” category.  The winner will be decided by an internet vote.

You guys know what to do.

8 Replies to “OneBusAway Nominated for Award”

  1. And it was actually a rather interesting ballot to vote on because I learned about all sorts of startups I want to investigate…

  2. I’m just glad we’re not in the same category as I Can Has Cheezburger. My own sister told me she’d vote for them before OneBusAway. We’d have no chance!

  3. Speaking of buses, yesterday’s Mariners game, while a fan’s disappointment, seemed to be a transit success…even though they don’t have special Sounder service as I would have liked, the crowd was champing at the bit for LINK and bus service.

    One thing bothered me though, it seemed like bus riders were given short shrift at the Royal Brougham station, as multiple lines made us crowd onto the sidewalk and people were pouring off the curb to get to their buses. This Metro employee was there to herd us:

  4. Just wanted to let everyone know that Bainbridge Safeway at 253 High School Road NE on Bainbridge Island now can revalue your ORCA Cards!!

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