"249 and The Flowering Tree," by KDavidClark.

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  1. There are already some LED streetlights installed on Capitol Hill, along the 49 line, near Volunteer Park. They are quite nice.

    1. They are *so* white, almost blueish looking. It looks a bit odd I have to admit.

      1. I hate them because they look cold and harsh to me — not natural white. Maybe it’s a matter of getting used to them — I don’t know.

      2. I’ve heard that they’re experimenting with different color temperatures to find which lights look the best. Different test areas have different lights.

      3. I really like it, even if it looks odd for what we’re used to. It looks very picturesque.

    2. I saw those last week. About a block south of E Blaine Street if I remember right. “LED white” looks like natural white to me, a refreshing change. But I can see how some would call it bluish or unpleasantly cold. Some warm-white lights every few blocks would help compensate for that.

      One thing I’m not sure about in the article, it says LED uses 1/4 the power of incandescent, which would make it the same as flourescent. But I thought LED used much less power than that. When I compared an old incandescent nightlight with LED, the difference was 10 watts vs 0.6 watts.

  2. Even for the Times, that editorial is pretty sharply and sloppily worded. I agree that McGinn’s planned veto of the panhandling ordinance is silly at best, but to suddenly blurt out a “What were we thinking, Seattle?” is juvenile.

    1. I think the editorial was just expressing the frustration that some of us feel with McGinn. Perhaps not most readers and writers here, but outside of the STB, there doesn’t seem to be much time for the guy.

      I am as disappointed and disilusioned as I was during the Bush years and McGinn is supposed to be a Democrat and on the left! At a national level I would like the guy probably as he would be a vital vote against insane Republicans, but he doesn’t seem to fit into Seattle which is a Democrat heavily ‘blue’ city. His radicalism would work better in a larger national forum than it does in the cityscape of Seattle

      1. Because he is as ineffective as Bush was – not because his policies are the same as Bush’s were.

    2. The dismissive attitude toward McGinn’s opposition to the panhandling ordinance was unfair. McGinn explained his position on Weekday. There are already laws against assault and intimidation, the problem is there aren’t enough officers, and passing duplicative laws isn’t going to help that. Also, if somebody gets an intimidation citation, they can challenge it directly in court.

      But with the panhandling ordinance, they’ll get a fine. They won’t pay it because (1) they don’t have the money — duh, they’re a panhandler — and (2) they don’t have a fixed address to receive the notices. So a warrant will be issued for their arrest, and the charge will be nonpayment of fine rather than intimidation. They won’t be able to challenge it in court because they obviously did not pay the fine, and too bad for them if they didn’t have the money or didn’t get the notices. That’s like nabbing Al Capone for tax evasion: it’s sneaky and indirect. And the charge will remain on their record, preventing them from getting a job.

  3. Seattle Times: “Tukwila, at the crossroads of rivers, highways and railways, has been a hub of commerce since the 1860s…”

    And the Duwamish Tribe was what, chopped liver?

  4. Sound Transit did a good job this morning advertising the Link delay over the station announcement systems. The announcement even named the reason for the delay.

    1. Yeah, I experienced a brief delay at Mt. Baker last Friday. Was pleasantly surprised to hear a follow-up live and detailed comment after the canned message. Said the delay would be a minute, and we were off in 30 seconds. Looks like things are finally turning around on the communications front. Kudos.

  5. Love the photo, I go to school near that stop. Speaking of the 249, it’s on a 1200 series bus and it always smells like smoke. Does anyone know why? I’m thinking it’s a combination of smokers riding the bus and it being a small bus without good ventilation. Can’t wait until the 1900’s come back.

    1. Starting in June 249’s will no loner be on vans. 30ft Gilligs will take over and will no longer connect with route 921(which will be renumbered 246 in June)

  6. Yes I read the Seattle Times’ editorial on McGinn. Does Seattle have any means of recalling a mayor who doesn’t seem to be doing much of a job?

    I never thought that McGinn would be a great mayor for Seattle, but even I am surprised at quite how bad he has been this first year. I was expecting by this point to have some grudging liking for the guy but I still don’t and I am still trying. I don’t think it is just a question of lack of experience or of trying to find his way in City Hall, as it seems more than these. I agree with the Times that Seattle is a complex and big city and that running it as if he were a rebel without a cause is not working.

    For the mayor to win back the respect he has lost or perhaps never even had, is going to require him to stop trying to bulldoze projects and ideas that have long predated his time in office. I don’t see that has that manadate from the voters. He needs to stop annoying most of the establishment on the viaduct tunnel, the 520, and the sea wall. To these, we can now add threatening to veto Tim Burgess’ panhandling measure. The list just goes on and on.

    1. Yes, in Washington state, as per article 33 of the state constitution, a city official can be recalled. It takes 25% of the city’s voters to agree to a special election. Also the standard is some sort of misconduct or malfeasance has to have been committed.

      However, is it really that bad? McGinn may be making poor decisions, but he is not the first mayor in recent years to do that. I doubt many would agree to recall him after only a year. However, if this becomes a trend, then he may not be re-elected.

    1. Yeah we really needed to update it and Jarrett asked to be on it and we were happy to oblige.

  7. I’ve heard that the afternoon/evening 116, 118, and 119 trips will be leaving 7 minutes earlier to allow for delays due to the Spokane St. work.

  8. Just ran into Oran on coach 6001 on display at Westlake Park – – an open house for RapidRide. He’ll have some photos sooner than I will, I’m sure.

  9. would it be possible to fly the bike caucus/mayor to denmark and the netherlands to show them how bike infrastructure needs to be??

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