For a while now, Sound Transit planner Jim Moore has been putting together relatively informal “public transit adventures” where a bunch of enthusiasts go to some out-of-the-way place to experience some routes they might not otherwise interact with.  He’s decided to open these up to the general public.

The next one is May 7th, and will take riders to Stanwood.  If you’re interested, please contact in the next couple of days.  The full draft itinerary is below the jump.

Here is the draft itinerary:

4:33 PM – Catch the Sounder to Everett from King Street Station (Fare: $4.50 or equivalent monthly pass)

5:35 PM – Catch Island Transit Route 412 to Stanwood/Camano Island from Everett Station (Fare: Free)

6:25 PM – Arrive in Stanwood

In Stanwood, we will meet Frank Vande Werfhorst, Camano Island Operations Manager for Island Transit, who will choose a restaurant for us. I think he is leaning toward Italian cuisine.

8:25 PM – Catch Amtrak to Seattle from Stanwood Station (Fare: Varies to destination and number of days prior to travel you buy ticket)

8:59 PM – Arrive in Everett

9:24 PM – Arrive in Edmonds (I’ll leave the train here)

10:10 PM – Arrive in Seattle

6 Replies to “Next “Public Transit Adventure” May 7th”

  1. Don’t tell Transportation Chair Haugen that Stanwood is an ‘out-of-the-way’ place:)
    Also, tip your mugs for a toast to National Train Day (May 8th), if your still drinking past midnight.

  2. Ooh man I wish I could go, but got other stuff planned for that night. Only big transit trip I’ve done in the area has been going down to Portland and back a few times (8 hours, $8 each way). I have a lot of trips around the region planned, though, to Bellingham and back in one day, Port Angeles and back in one day, and a few big loops around the Sound. Gotta get around to trying some of them sometime.

    1. sorry off topic, but how do you get to Portland with $8? I have research some route before but couldn’t find anything feasible.

  3. This is a great idea! I’ll see if I can attend. I have it on my list to try the transit to rural Washington towns someday, but going as a group makes it more likely it will happen.

    Stanwood station? I don’t remember that. Is it new?

      1. As I remember from seeing the artist sketches, it is a covered open air station. Is there an Amtrak ticket machine there? Otherwise a person will need to buy and print a ticket somewhere else (Everet, King St Station) before they go.

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