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  1. This got me thinking. Is there any bus service up to, say, Snoqualmie Pass? It might be a fun trip to take your bike up there and ride the Iron Horse trail and others back home or vice-versa. It doesn’t look like Metro goes past North Bend, which kinda makes sense, but…:)

      1. Um, no it doesn’t. “Snoqulamie” (the town) =/= “Snoqualmie Pass”.

      2. But, you can take the 209 to the Snoqualmie Valley Tail, which directly connects to the Iron Horse Trail, so it does get you close enough. See .

      3. Yeah, but NSBill was specifically referring to the fact that you can’t get any farther east than North Bend.

      4. It’s a nice day trip by bus to go out to Snoqualmie (the town and falls). There is a railroad museum in Snoqualmie, and you can go to Snoqualmie Brewery for lunch and a pint or two. It’s a relatively short walk to the falls.

      5. Yeah I did the trip out to Snoqualmie (the town) for the railroad museum a little while ago. Nice little place. I do think they should have seasonal service for the pass, run kind of like the special buses to sports events. The ski area could pick up most of the cost and they could charge a few dollars each way, with hourly or so service when the ski area is open. It could get a lot of riders. Other cities, like Salt Lake and Vancouver, that have transit service to nearby ski areas.

  2. Is it just me or do I see sone goofs on the site?

    Example: thinking that Stadium is the Sounder station and that Sounder stops at Union Station

  3. I’ve done the Seattle-Portland trip several times, and I have made a ton of schedules for possible bus trips to various places in Western Washington before, but I haven’t gotten around to doing these other ones. I’ve made schedules all the way to Port Angeles and back in a day, to Ocean Shores and back in a day, and big day-long loops around to Kitsap, Port Townsend, and Whidbey, or Olympia, Shelton, and Bremerton. Yeah, that’s what I do with my spare time.

  4. Can someone tell me if there’s cheap public transit from Seattle to Richland, WA?

    I’ll love to be able buy a house there (many great ones for under $150,000) and enjoy 300 days of sunshine while zooming back to the coast to work.

    1. Nope. Maybe Greyhound. Are you talking about a 4-hour each way daily commute?

  5. Is Pasco close enough? Amtrak Cascades #513 to Tukwila to Vancouver, Empire Builder #28 Vancouver to Pasco. A weekday trip about two weeks away was $63. It takes about nine hours, so it’s not suitable for a daily commute.

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