2 Replies to “Teague Re-invents the Bus Stop”

  1. I love the design and idea of Metropoint. Of course we’ll need GPS on buses first, but it’s small and simple yet just as useful as a full marquee used in transit stops.

  2. Yes, the Metropoint idea is how I use OneBusAway: is there time to get some coffee or run in to Bartells?

    The Metroplan is a good idea, but I have to think that the software to accomplish it would be a major investment. The eInk Metropass is a little more likely but of course you’d need to be able to load each trip. Ideally that could be done at home, but from what I’ve heard RFID readers are neither cheap nor easy to get.

    And I can’t get past the fact that they made up the route numbers! The 8, 13, 43, 53, and 227 don’t go the same place at all.

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