"Growth" Plan (Pierce Transit)

Based on the first round of public input, Pierce Transit has refined their future service concepts. A very nice website compares the current system with what it will look like after the coming budget cuts.  A third map depicts the route structure if the sales tax increases from 0.6% to the maximum 0.9%, allowing not only preservation of service, but actually a little bit of growth.

Also, to build on a recent theme, lots and lots of system maps!

Tacoma Tomorrow has the public meeting times and promises analysis in the near future.

4 Replies to “PT Tomorrow, Round 2”

  1. I realize Metro’s coverage area and number of routes makes it a much more onerous undertaking… but I’d really like to see a similar site for King County that could convey the impact of budget cuts forecast in the future.

  2. Hey, I thought this was the Seattle Transit Blog. Ever since they got the Northern Pacific terminus I haven’t been able to stand that town!

  3. What is interesting, at least to me, is the amount of routes that would be eliminated in both alternatives. Makes me wonder why the routes still exist now.

  4. I think this is for the bird’s. If PT goes and cut back like what they want thay will go back to the stone age. No one will ride the bus no more and we will have more poeple drive illigelaly. But if those that make $ 100,000.00 or more goes and take’s a pay cut we will avoid route reduction at all. So think about that we all well win.

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