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From June 14th through September 10th, SDOT will be replacing the old wooden viaduct structure on NE 45th st. This is the segment of NE 45th that connects UW with University Village / Montlake Avenue.

In preparation for the closure, SDOT has released a handy bike, bus & walk map illustrating the temporary re-routes for buses, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

Download: SDOT bike, bus & walk map

For more information about this project: NE 45th st Viaduct Project Information page

One Reply to “The NE 45th St Viaduct Project inspires bike, bus & walk map”

  1. I missed the initial public comment period on this project, and I’m really disappointed that the city isn’t doing anything to improve the pedestrian/bicycle facility here, either now or in the future. I realize they’re allowing future widening, and they’re only doing part of the viaduct, but it seems like narrow planning.

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