The STB editorial board is about to come out with its endorsements for the August 17th primary. There are lots of legislative races out there, so we’d welcome any suggestions in the comments for candidates we should note.

We are more interested in links to a candidate’s stand on transit-related issues than what he or she may or may not have told you in private. We are also strictly reviewing their position and record on issues covered on this blog, not any sort of wider agenda, “progressive” or otherwise.

No need to point out Marko Liias, Geoff Simpson, and Patty Murray. Thanks.

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  1. Here are four fabulous candidates running for open seats that STB should consider endorsing:

    Chris Reykdal, running for open seat in 22nd District/Olympia: His issues page on transportation has two goals “Adopt constitutional and statutory changes that permit gasoline taxes to be used more flexibly to reduce congestion and enhance freight mobility & Move our focus away from increasing highway capacity and towards more sustainable public transportation options.”

    Joe Fitzgibbon, running for open seat in 34th District/West Seattle: Joe is Chair of Burien Planning Commission and his transportation issues page is pretty long, but among other things, says: “While our transportation needs are urgent, making transportation decisions looking one or two years in the future doesn’t work. Our region needs durable, flexible transportation solutions. I’m committed to building ways for people and commerce to move in and out of our district that will make sense thirty years from now. …King County Metro and other transit agencies throughout our state are facing serious service cuts due to the downturn in sales tax revenue. As long as our transit agencies are funded exclusively by sales tax, transit riders will continue to face service cut after service cut. Transit agencies need long-term revenue solutions that can keep buses serving our communities.”

    Andy Billig, running for open seat in 3rd District/Spokane: His issues page on transportation says: “Spokane is a transportation hub and we need to continue to focus on improving the quality and efficiency of our local and regional transportation system. In addition, we need to ensure that our transportation system is sustainable for the future, which means focusing on complete streets that allow for safe and efficient use by motor vehicles, mass transit, bikes and pedestrians.”

    Jake Fey, running for open seat in 27th District/Tacoma: Jake is currently a Tacoma City Councilmember and his issues page on transportation says: “As a Sound Transit Board Member, Pierce Transit Board Member, and bus and bike commuter, Jake is actively working to reduce traffic congestion on our roads and promote better transportation solutions for our residents. On the Tacoma City Council, Jake secured funding to fix the Hylebos and Murray Morgan Bridges along with local roads. His efforts also produced more bike lanes, sidewalks, and trails. He will continue to work hard to reduce congestion so that residents spend less time commuting and more time at home with their families.”

  2. Another vote for Joe Fitzgibbon–by far the best transportation candidate in the 34th race.

  3. I really hate to be a shameless self promoter, but Scott Sizemore for Washington’s 7th Congressional. I was against the deep-bore tunnel and for light rail on 520 before either were cool. This isn’t the place for a big rant; just throwing my name into the ring for “friend of the blog.” I’m always open for transit questions or concerns.

    1. Also, I would also like to throw a vote to Fitzgibbon in the 34th. I’ve talked to him on a number of occasions and I always come away confident. No offense to Marcee Stone, I just think Joe’s a better fit for the district.

      1. Thanks for offering yourself as a candidate for public office, Scott. We have a few troglodytes representing Seattle in Olympia. I wish more of them had drawn challengers.

        I’m generally in agreement with Congressman McDermott’s policies, so I’m curious where you differ from him on policy.

        As for Marcee Stone, I love her stand on campaign finance reform, but one of the issues she trumpets on her web page is her support for the automobile tunnel. Nowhere does she mention transit. Bad sign.

        I’m hoping Joe Fitzgibbon will say something about where he stands on freeway construction spending, to make me comfortable that he isn’t just well-trained in the art of saying different things to different constituencies. I’ve seen too many of their kind before… It gives me pause that he has the endorsement of the Seattle/King County Building Trades Council. Nevertheless, he is on record opposing Seattle being on the hook for the cost overruns.

      2. Brent, You should definitely talk to Joe if you have reservations because after you do you won’t have them anymore. When you talk to him it is very clear that his number 1 issue is improving the transportation infrastructure and improving the funding structure. He cares way too much about the issue to talk out both sided of his mouth about it.

      3. My PC is in the shop, so I can’t make any huge posts on the subject til we get back. Rep. McDermott and I take opposites on the DBT. I want to scrap the project, and he doesn’t think it’s his problem. I refuse to ask the federal government to bail out the project and he insists on it. Aside from that, I don’t think he has any interest on transit. I’d like the transit blog to interview me, then everyone would get the answers they want to know, instead of me having to guess and just throw information into the net. I’ll bring the video camera if need be.

  4. I’m a former student of Vince DeMiero, a Democratic candidate for state representative in the 1st District, position 1, and I fully support this man for everything that he does (along with 461 other current and former students, evident in the Facebook page called Students for Vince DeMiero). I sincerely hope that Vince DeMiero earns his election, and one way to do that is by responding to this blog.
    So I am the first to drop Vince DeMiero’s name here, and I give high regards to anyone who agrees that Vince will be an outstanding asset to the 1st District’s legislative team.
    Here is the link to his website, specifically his point of view on transportation, and please go ahead and view the rest of his website for more information on Vince.

  5. You should definitely look at Vince DeMiero running for an open seat in the 1st LD. He has said many times that one of his priorities is to improve transit options in the Northend. Vic Sood, the first Executive Director of Community Transit and inductee of the American Public Transportation Association Hall of fame, has endorsed Vince. One of the issues he addresses on his website is “transportation and infrastructure”–he says, ” We must address the near- and long-term transportation needs of this region is we want to maintain our quality of life, increase our economic viability and be good environmental stewards. We must take seriously new ways of managing development so that we create less of a need for vehicular traffic within our communities, while also expanding the options for regional public transportation.” Check him out at

  6. My family and I have lived in South Snohomish County since 1967. We have participated in community, church, arts and educational events of all natures. Vince DeMiero, our son is running for a Legislative position in District One, position one. Vince is an honest, sincere person who has taught English,Journalism, photography, and literature for over 22 years at Mountlake Terrace High School. Your vote for Vince will ensure representation with integrity, representation with honesty, and representation with an inclusive problem solving person. Vince, just ask anyone of the hundreds of students,parents and friends who knows him, is a person who listens and then will make decisions that are best for those he represents and right for all concerned.
    Vote Vince DeMiero this August and then this November.
    Frank DeMiero
    Vince’s Proud Father

    1. I am a bit concerned that the link Chris Stefan offers to Mr White’s platform contains the following quote:

      ” Sound Transit Link Light Rail is scheduled to begin operations in 2009 and discussions are underway for further expansion. ”

      and yet is dated 8 July 2010. I’ll give the benefit of the doubt that a staffer perhaps didn’t update the “platform plank” recently, but to the casual observer, “discussions are underway for further expansion” would make Mr White seem woefully uninformed about what is happening with Link in 2010…

      1. It does seem like the web site is left over from his 2008 house campaign.

        But I don’t expect as much from the site of a state legislator as from a senate or congressional candidate.

      2. Agreed, but we also know that the “opposition” does seize on stuff like this during campaigns. Best to clean it up and keep it up to date as much as possible.

    2. Scott White is running unopposed. Moreover, I’m not particularly impressed with his record on the automobile tunnel or on 520. I think he has been part of the problem so far, not part of the solution. Maybe that will change.

      Scott should be leading the charge to give transit the best possible access across 520 and to UW Station, not siding with the eastside SOV drivers.

  7. Vince DeMiero is running for state representative in the 1st district (position 1) — I think he’s worth checking out (full disclosure: I believe in his candidacy so much that I started volunteering for him).

    Vince is from this area, as such, he’s seen first hand how our unique transportation issues affect our daily lives his entire life.

    You can find his thoughts on transportation here:

    I hope you’ll give him your consideration.

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