Recently there’s been an upswing in guest post submissions. We don’t have a very formal process for handling these, but we’ve accepted dozens of pieces over the years and I think they’ve added some useful perspectives to our conversations. Still other contributions have been appropriated as “comment of the week” and awarded their own post.

Anyway, the most painful situation is when someone obviously puts a lot of work into an essay, and for one reason or another, we don’t feel able to use it. To avoid that in the future, we’ve assembled these Guest Post Guidelines to offer tips for writing something that we can use.

Thanks to everyone who cares enough to write.

2 Replies to “Post Submission Guidelines”

  1. I can’t believe you rejected my extensively researched article comparing Kemper Freeman to Hitler!*

    *this is a joke

  2. As a regular reader, I would find it interesting to hear from the present and maybe past moderators of the blog.
    Where do you see the blog in 5 years? A clearing house for transit riders of all sorts, or some other focus?
    What’s new with some of the former moderators, that have gotten busy in other areas, like Ben, Brian and Andrew?

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