I have to admit, I’m a sucker for these when Sullivan puts them up:

inter // states from Samuel Cockedey on Vimeo.

That a city that vast can work at all is a triumph of… what? Engineering? The ingenuity of individuals figuring things out for themselves? An accident of a city arising from rubble as the people rapidly get richer?

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    1. I can’t find a source for it, but I think I saw something that suggested they would. I don’t see any way why they wouldn’t peed up at least a little, as they would need to amend the operations plan in the tunnel anyways.

    2. I’m relatively sure the trains do now except in the stations where the speed limit is 15. I know I’ve seen the trains going faster than that in the the cut and cover headed uphill.

  1. This may have been asked and answered somewhere else, but is there a way to figure out which coaches will be running particular trips? I want to ride the new DE60LFs that ST bought, but haven’t happened upon one yet on the 545 since the shakeup. I’ve seen then going the other direction, though.

    1. In Metro’s tracker Map View, go to the options menu and select “Show Vehicle Number.” The vehicle numbers will then be displayed below the route number on the bus indicator icons on the map. I think ST’s newer hybrids are 9622 upward.

  2. Just now…coming down the north stairs to catch southbound Sounder.

    Nothing on sign…assume train is not there.

    Get to platform.

    Train is there.

    Voice on the loudspeaker comes on and says “the TRAIN to TA com MA will leave in TEN min nuts”.

    Thanks for telling me.

  3. In the DSTT, there’s one automated announcement that’s really hard to understand. I think I can hear “tap on tap off”, and it definitely ends with “light rail”, but the rest is a mystery. Is there any way Sound Transit could get a better voice synthesizer?

    1. “ORCA users must both tap on and tap off when riding Link light rail”.

      Try riding something with longer headways than what you’re riding now.

  4. http://www.grist.org/article/2010-10-18-a-car-sharing-app-grows-in-brooklyn/

    Digital entrepreneurs want to change the way New Yorkers hail a cab

    Here’s how it works: You’re in downtown Manhattan or Brooklyn and you need a car service to take you somewhere. You launch the app on your smartphone, plug in your destination, and indicate whether you want to travel on your own or wait to share with someone who might be close by and headed in the same direction. The app tells you what the fare will be (not counting tolls and tips). If Weeels finds you a share, you can save some money. Your ride arrives in about 10 minutes.

    1. That actually sounds like a fantastic idea. Of course, it’s no coincidence that it’s happening in the densest place in the country… :)

  5. CNT’s new TOD maps, including every rail station in the region!

    The demographics are a little old at 2000, but hopefully they’ll be updated. Also of course some limitations, such as the FHCRC Streetcar station walkshed including Capitol Hill… which is up a cliff but within .5 mi.

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