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Metro riders who frequent the University District will have noticed that recent building construction in the southwestern part of campus has forced a bus stop relocation along Campus Parkway.  Both bays for the eastbound stop at Brooklyn Ave have been consolidated into one stop on the west side of the intersection, just outside the Lander-Terry dormitory complex.  The stop has fairly high utilization, yielding mostly alightings from riders on the 71-74 series, as well as the 49.

One particular downside to the relocation is that the temporary stop comes to just about 500 feet from another existing stop on the same block.  That’s a distance far shorter than the recommended quarter-mile for stop spacing. This means that passengers getting off at the first eastbound stop at 11th Ave can easily out-walk their own bus to the relocated stop when factoring in dwell times.  Most of all, it’s frustrating for those who have to stay on the buses and sit through unnecessary waits.  It goes without saying that Metro could really do away with the 11th Ave stop.

Though it’s just one stop, this kind of oversight has really become too commonplace with Metro.  Send your comments in about the stop spacing to

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      1. Yeah, 49 stops at both.

        Living at 41st & 12th it was always kind of odd picking a stop. Inbound I’d shoot for 41st & The Ave in order to attempt to get a seat or 12th & Campus Parkway if I was running late out the door. Outbound I’d use 11th & Campus Parkway on a non-express trip. For express trips, my two options would be The Ave & Campus Parkway or The Ave & 41st. The light at Campus Parkway & The Ave can be a long one, but it was a shorter walk home from 41st & The Ave.

  1. What’s frustrating about the stop at 11th is that it was under consideration for elimination (probably about three years ago, but my memory fails me on the precise date) but for whatever reason Metro changed their mind after the public comment period and kept it.

    Even if there is some legitimate pressing reason to keep a stop in that block, at the very least it should be temporarily closed while the other major stop remains in that block.

    1. It’s not the same block, but it’s just under 600 feet away.

      HFS is taking over the vicinity with their construction of residence halls and apartments:
      – The area bounded by 11th/41st/12th
      – The entire block bounded by 41st/Brooklyn/Campus Pkwy/12th
      – The western half of the block bounded by 41st/Brooklyn/Campus Pkwy
      – The entire block bounded by Campus Pkwy/University Way (AKA “The Ave”)/40th/Brooklyn
      – Also something around Mercer Hall

      1. “- The western half of the block bounded by 41st/Brooklyn/Campus Pkwy”

        You left out a boundary street. University Way?

  2. Having the north bound 25 stop on Campus Parkway is just silly altogether, as it doesn’t stop there south bound. It should just turn straight up 15th, as that’s the way it comes back.

    1. I think the reason the 25 stops on Campus Pkwy only one direction is for better options of geting to U Village. You can take the 65,75 and the 30 stops kinda close, so the 25 is one more bus to U Village at a common bus stop. The other reason I can think of is, maybe they route it to Campus Pkwy to have a close connection with the 71-74’s coming from downtown for Children’s employees, because riding the whole 25 from downtown is painfully slow.

      1. You can still pick up the 25 at 41st and 15th, opposite Schmitz hall. The connection – especially when the stop was further East on Campus.

  3. It’s a major transfer point for the 30, 66-68, 75, and probably others, so you can’t just close it. I would close the 11th stop, which the express 70s bypass anyway. Although they f*ed up the 30 transfer because the 30 turns just east of there. I have to wait on the 71/72/73 while half bus gets off at Campus Parkway, and then go one more stop to reach the 30 transfer.

    1. According to the timetable, it stops at Campus Pkwy & Brooklyn.

      I agree with closing the 11th & Campus Pkwy stop. It’s more or less useless unless you live in Lander or close to it.

    2. “According to the timetable, it stops at Campus Pkwy & Brooklyn.”

      It has been unclear but the old stop is closed, its whole block is about to get constructed, and there’s no other place to stop between Brooklyn and U Way. To serve the new stop, it would have to turn right and illegally back into the stop.

    3. Are you asking if the 30 stops at the Temp zone?

      Then yes, everything that comes up Brooklynn (25,30,31/68,372) are rerouted to turn left (west) onto Campus Pkwy, the U-turn at 12th, and back eastbound to the temp zone. Everything that usually stops at the two zones between Brooklynn & The Ave, is stopping at the temp zone

  4. I’d say close the 11th and Campus Pkwy stop. Maybe it’s supposed to serve some stuff on the western side of the U-district? There’s a considerable distance between that stop and the previous stop (eastlake and harvard) so maybe they felt like they…had to keep it for that reason?

    But certainly, for now, it’s obnoxious and should go away. Although (at least on the 49) it takes SO LONG for everyone to get off the bus at campus parkway and brooklyn that it’s probably faster to get off at 11th (like the post says.)

    1. Yeah, I get off at the 11th and Campus Pkwy stop so I can get home to Lower Wallingford. (Inbound, I get on the same buses at “University Bridge and NE 40th St”).

      I suppose I could tolerate walking an extra 500 feet or whatever though.

  5. How about keep the new location for the Campus Parkway stop (except expand it to two bays again) and take away the Campus Pkwy & 11th stop. This way, the EB and WB Campus Pkwy stops are directly across the street from each other, the large number of people west of Brooklyn still gets served well, even with the elimination of Campus Pkwy & 11th, and the Campus Parkway and Ave & 41st stops aren’t so close to each other. Win win win.

    1. Win win win lose, because then the stop would be a block further away from the main campus.

      Also, there’s a lot of curb parking in the area you suggest. Metro can’t “delete” that parking because SDOT controls the street, and they can’t stop the bus to the left of the cars because that’s illegal.

      1. SDOT is very cooperative with Metro; if Metro wants to move the stop, I’m sure SDOT would “delete” that parking and replace it with parking on Campus Parkway between the Ave and Brooklyn where the bus stop is now.

  6. Any suggestions for getting Metro to move the shelters and trash cans? I transfer there often to the 65. I’m not looking forward to winter.

    Maybe it’s a matter of how long is the “long term closure?”

  7. i remember the stop at 11th was posted for public comment re: closure. I was told it was kept open because enough comments were recieved by riders who exit there and go to the roosevelt medical offices; and that the shelter was put there because of enough riders getting on at the stop. the express buses don’t stop, only the local buses. why make the roosevelt-bound crowd suffer the extra walk by closing it? besides, closing it for the local buses would make the distance between bus stops higher than the 1/4 mile spacing. get a life – when the UW construction is done the new zone will return to its former location. BTW, it’s not on the same block – it’s west of 12th Av…

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