The City of Bellevue is hosting an open house tomorrow for its B7-Revised route.  I can spot a chance for some role reversal here as most of the previous Bellevue light-rail-related meetings have pitted B7 supporters vs. Sound Transit.  This time, there will be an opportunity for B2/B3 supporters to ask the City the tough questions, but hopefully without the rhetoric.

The open house is from 5 to 7pm in Room IE-108 of City Hall, just across from the Bellevue Transit Center.

3 Replies to “B7 Revised Open House Tomorrow”

  1. Why are the politicos in Bellevue wasting time on this? The agency can site its line wherever it wants – there’s nothing Bellevue can do to prevent it.

  2. They can threaten to hold up permits, and add more cost to the project, ala Tukwila 8 years ago. Many of these small town / small minded politicians are willing to take their absurd arguments right off the cliff…

  3. Does anyone know if someone has had yard signs (like the election signs) printed saying “I want light rail in Downtown Bellevue”? I’d love a couple for my yard just a block off downtown.

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