If you’re going out via transit this Monday, Presidents Day, be sure to check schedules beforehand.  Metro will be operating a reduced weekday schedule with additional reductions for UW being out of session; specific route information here.  Also, both Vashon and West Seattle water taxis will not run, along with their connecting shuttles.

Sound Transit will operate a normal weekday schedule.  Pierce Transit will be on an increased Saturday schedule.  And Community Transit will be making some adjustments in commuter service.

4 Replies to “Reduced Service for Presidents Day”

  1. Instead of these confusing Monday-only holidays which some people get off and most don’t, how about six weeks of annual vacation for everyone and no national holidays?

    1. The only thing confusing about the January and February holidays is the we have them in the WINTER and that they (and 11/11) are partial instead of full holidays like the 3 summer holidays. One would think some planners from Seattle had planned this nonsense: badly conceived, poorly carried out and stoopid!

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