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Metro and SDOT have yet another joint project to speed bus flow through the CBD:

Metro and SDOT will begin a project in May to make the following changes along Howell Street between Ninth Avenue and Eastlake Avenue at Stewart Street:

• Convert Howell to four eastbound lanes, with one lane reserved for transit only during the evening commute period from 3-7 p.m.;

• Convert Eastlake Avenue to a one-way northbound corridor between Yale Avenue and Stewart Street;

• Eliminate westbound lanes; and

• Create approximately 40 new paid parking spaces along the corridor.

Good stuff.  Small projects to make bus service more efficient and reliable are big wins in this cash-strapped era.

If I wanted to make it all about me, I would say that this is a minor bummer because I liked to use that rarely-used stretch of Eastlake between Denny and Howell when driving between Eastlake and points South, but considering that I was often the only one doing that, this is certainly a better use of the right-of-way.  And, of course, any time we’re moving street ROW from cars to buses it’s a big win for urban mobility.

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  1. Hmm, I’m not sure on that one. Seems like they’re only removing the westbound lane to make sure that there are just as many freeway-access general purpose lanes. Why not just extend the existing lane bus-only lane?

    I’m not a big fan of Stewart or Howell, they’re basically just long I-5 ramps. At commute times they’re busy but the rest of the time the configuration of 4 lanes in one direction just encourages people to drive really fast and makes it more dangerous to cross.

    Oh, and the parking. Yeah, what the Denny Triangle really needs is more parking.

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