Seattle’s Department of Transportation has an alphabet soup of committees exploring various transportation problems.  The Citizens Transportation Advisory Committee III (CTAC III) is tasked with matching funding sources to all the various transportation projects in the various master plans, as well as basic road maintenance needs.

If you’re a Seattle resident, I encourage you to fill out the online survey about what transportation investments are important to you, and your willingness to pay taxes to support it.

There are also workshops starting yesterday evening (oops), and continuing tonight and Thursday. Showing up and having a conversation with decision makers is always more effective than submitting uninformed comments.

10 Replies to “CTAC III Wants Your Opinion”

  1. When you fill out the survey, be sure and mention that you heard about this from the ad on STB.

  2. Although, reading uninformed comments are one of the most hilarious jobs of being on a citizen advisory committee :)

    1. You get uninformed comments at the workshops, too. One lady last night said the biggest problem with the transportation system is that taller buildings are causing congestion.

      1. Sure, when the floor is open. But when you have an offline conversation with a planner you get to discuss nuance and tradeoffs, which is way more helpful.

  3. Under the question: What do you think Seattle’s biggest issues are:

    My 2nd response was Kemper Freeman

    My 1st was the viaduct replacement :)

    1. If you go to the workshop, the facilitators at the break-out session will tell you two ground rule: 1) There are no right or wrong answers; 2) We are not going to talk about the viaduct.

    1. The first rule of Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club, duh

  4. Enforce all rules and fares on coaches. Get back regular riders with rule enforcement.

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