It’s well past time for another meetup. Our next one will be Tuesday, July 26th at 6pm at The Diller Room in downtown Seattle. Regrettably, this is a 21 & over venue.

We’ll have a couple of guest speakers that should start around 7 and be done before 8.

If you intend to come, please say so in the comments, so we can get a rough headcount.

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  1. Never been to any meetups before, so I’ll try to make it to this one.

    1. Yeah, you and Lloyd should really meet each other. I’ll make a point of introducing you two. Honestly, if you want to say a few words to everybody about what activism you do, we’d make a couple of minutes for you.

    1. An all-ages venue would indeed have been nice, given that the last one was 21+ too.

      1. It’s really, really hard to get space at a place that doesn’t sell alcohol. That’s what makes it worthwhile for them to provide space. I thought the last one was GGLO, though?

      2. I thought it was the one in the CC Alehouse, although I might have spaced one somehow since then. I do see that it’s probably very hard to get space. I’ll ask some of the places I patronize regularly to see what they might be able to offer.

      3. It’s worth pointing out that not all venues that sell alcohol are 21+. For example, there’s the Elliott Bay Cafe. There are also lots of coffee shops and teahouses, which still make money on selling drinks, just a different sort of drink. :)

      4. People don’t usually slam coffee after coffee. At least I don’t. Nonetheless, I think places like that are our best bet. I’m a regular at Elliot Bay Cafe, Trabant and Seattle Coffee Works and all of those venues could work. I’ll see what I can find out.

      5. I’ve gone to one meetup before. The one at the Rock Bottom brewery in Bellevue after East Link SEIS. I know it’s hard to find all ages places. Even The Washington Bus has to go 21+ sometimes too.

        Thanks to everyone who’s looking, though!

      6. To be fair a lot of “bars” do allow those under 21 before 10PM as long as they stay outside of the area right around the bar. For example the Montlake Ale House, Rock Bottom Brewery, or Elysian.

        Actually Montlake Ale House wouldn’t be a bad place to hold a meetup. Lots of things going on in the area that will impact transit. Just don’t schedule for Tuesday night unless the intent is a joint meetup with the drinking liberally crowd.

  2. I’ll be there. If I look distracted by my phone I’m probably just tweeting.

  3. Really hope Matt the Engineer can make it so I can ask him to share with me his vision of gondolas in Seattle.

    1. I’ll likely be there. Looks like I’ll soon have time to start building up a gondola campaign (stats, graphics, bullet points to show to committees and people of influence) so it’s a great time to get feedback. Of course I’ll also be asking the online community for ideas before I get too far.

  4. There are meeting spaces available for nominal costs (or free) including:

    Various Seattle Public Libraries

    The 2100 building ( rental rates $25-50 for 4 hours) #7 (from downtown) or #7 or #48 bus from Mt. Baker Transit Center/Link Station

    Any of the Seattle Parks community centers (

    Meeting rooms at REI Flagship store

    I also ran across this listing:

    1. Not to be all Debbie Downer, but I’d rather bus it out to Rock Bottom on the Eastside rather than meet in a conference room.

      1. True, meetups can be informal meet and greets in a lounge or restaurant setting or if sometimes we want a speaker with question and answer periods, a conference room might be more appropriate. I also think we should be very accommodating to those under 21.

  5. I really enjoy this site and the discussion here, also been intending to visit Seattle this summer, and the end of the month is perfect timing.
    I’m in! Look forward to meeting everyone!

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