[UPDATE from Martin: Apparently we’re going to have to restore lost comments manually. It’ll take a while, but eventually most of your comments should reappear here, although timestamps and threading may be lost.]

Apparently Disqus isn’t quite ready for prime time on our blog, and was causing many people’s browsers to lock up. We’ve reverted back to WordPress comments.

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  1. Had the exact same experience at The SunBreak. We had to switch back to WP comments as well. Disqus, at least the free version, is a little too consistently troublesome to be worthwhile.

    1. Are you guys sure there wasn’t something wrong with the theme? A lot of big sites use Disqus and they’re currently getting 500 million hits a month. I’ve never had my browser lock up on disqus anywhere but here.

  2. Thanks very much, guys. Really appreciate this. Also, really appreciate your service to our transit system ever since you started Seattle Transit Blog.

    However, you had a reason for making the change to Disqus, namely to make the discussion work better. So you might devote a posting to your readers and contributors, and let us know how we can do our own part to organize our participation so that the discussion flows most effectively.

    Very much like joint operations in the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel: the more everyone down there, drivers, supervisors, coordinators, and passengers all understand how to make the system work, the fewer technical changes will be necessary to make transit run smoothly.

    But above all, everybody elected and official reading this should take advantage of the major positive example you’ve set: you tried something, your operating people and users told you it didn’t work, you changed it next day.

    One less excuse in the world. Your choice: Pulitzer or Nobel?

    Mark Dublin

    Mark Dublin

    1. I think we have really great commenters, but I want to see the best, smartest, interesting conversations get the most eyes from casual readers. A like or up-vote system could do that.

      And sometimes two threads on the same page are talking about the same thing, and sometimes it’d be good for that to be it’s own thing. That’s what I was hoping flattening the threads would encourage.

      1. Disqus offered a lot of good features however a lot of its coding were definatly not up to snuff.

      2. It seems to offer a few good features, but a lot of useless ones. I could care less about like/dislike, comment sort order, and avatars.

      3. @Grant: I find the STB crew a competent group. If you think you can do better, perhaps you should offer to help rather than throwing stones.

  3. The hanging happened for a few weeks after publicola switched to disqus as well. You might wanna check with them to see how they fixed it.

  4. You might want to talk to the people over at Publicola.

    They had the same exact problem and fixed it.

    I think it had something to do with the javascript not working with other ajax ads or information already in your blog.

    I use Disqus on my Tumble blog and it works great.


  5. Thanks for changing back. Us old folk don’t like change :- The RSS feed however still seems to be a bit broken.

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