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  1. Shouldn’t “Brenda” be shown as having started at Capitol Hill?

    And then should “Balto” and “Togo” be adjusted accordingly?

    /Graphics Nazi

      1. I think Brenda’s bars are just laid end-to-end. When she pops out the first time at the Paramount, graph will show she’s half completed.

  2. Are they “ahead” of schedule, on schedule, behind schedule? Or is there so much wiggle/slack room it doesn’t matter?

    1. Staggered start times for the machines. They’ll maintain about that distance for the entire trip unless ST decides to have both of the machines pop out of Capital Hill at the same time.

  3. So, does this mean that the tunnel walls are complete behind these critters? Do they have to pour additional material?

    1. the tunnel walls are assembled by the TBM … it uses them as braces as it pushes itself forward

    2. I’m not sure, but I think the concrete tunnel liner needs to be grouted after the TBM has done its work.

    3. They need to dig cross tunnel passages between the two tunnels every 1,000 ft and poor the floor but besides that they are largely structurally complete once the TBM does its work.

  4. This may be a naive question – but is there any chance of U-link opening ahead of schedule?

    1. As much as anything it would probably depend on how the contract was written. Do the various contractors get a bonus for finishing early? If they do, they might have an incentive to throw some extra overtime at it and pick up some time. If not though, they’ll probably keep the overtime down as low as they can and still stay on schedule.

      1. Once the tunnel boring is complete I bet they will have a much better idea of when everything will be done. Time wise boring is the most uncertain. Everything else has less risk, and thus the schedules is much more predictable.

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