Seeing as our meetups always tend to end up in Seattle, we’ve decided to host our next gathering on the Eastside where a few important election races are looming this November.  Save the date for the evening of next Wednesday, October 12th— as usual, there will be food, drink, some good transit wonking, and of course a few guest speakers that we’re still working to secure.  The venue is TBD but will likely be somewhere in or around Downtown Bellevue, easily accessible by transit.  Stay tuned and we’ll bring you the updates as they come.

[UPDATE 4:17pm] RSVPs in the comments are always nice, too.

[UPDATE 8:10pm] I forgot to mention that we’re working for an all-ages venue so you should be able to swing by if you’re under 21.

28 Replies to “Save the Date: Eastside Meetup No. 2”

    1. Me too – maybe, depending on work.
      Please, not on Freeman or Wallace properties, if possible.

  1. Thanks for arranging this event. I am a Bellevue resident and would like to know if any of the Bellevue City Council candidates will be there?

    1. Paul,

      We will be nailing down our list of guest speakers soon and will let you know.

  2. Appreciate the effort to make sure people of all ages can attend. Vovito cafe at the Bravern is a block from Bellevue Transit Center, and has some of the best espresso in the region- though expensive.

    St. James Espresso in Kirkland is also quick walk from the transit center, and uses another favorite espresso of mine.

    Will try to make it.

    Mark Dublin

  3. Bellevue? Sure! I wouldn’t be able to make it till 6:30 or 7 though given I work in SLU.

  4. I will try to make it. Haven’t been to one in two years as I’ve been out of the country..

  5. I feel like 6pm is pretty early given that many people don’t get off work / out of classes until then. I’ll still try to make it though.

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