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There will be another public meeting tomorrow evening to discuss specifics of the S. 200th St. Link station, one of three opening in 2016:

Join Us on Wednesday, October 5, 2011, 5-8 p.m. with a presentation at 6 p.m.

SeaTac City Hall, Council Chambers
4800 S. 188th St., SeaTac

Here’s the most recent report on this project.

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  1. This just highlights how atrocious transit is in SeaTac and south King County. The 180 runs half-hourly but stops at 7pm. The 574 runs hourly in the evening. Highway 99 has good transit but east-west transit is absolutely horrible, even to SeaTac City Hall.

  2. Post-meeting notes. The station is going to be a cheap slim outdoor thing, elevated, with a roof but no walls. The roof will be shaped like three ocean waves. There’s some parking garage but I didn’t get the details. There’s little within walking distance except some industrial/office parks.

    The 2016 opening depends on a federal Tiger grant. There was a petition signup to support the grant. Atomic Taco will post details on this soon, for those who want to sign the petition. The ST Tiger rep said that if they don’t get this grant, there are other grants they can apply for.

    I was most interested in whether there will be more buses from Kent to Link. They directed me to a Metro rep, who said they’re hoping to extend the evening 180 to SeaTac station by next year, if they can find enough money. (The 180 runs Auburn-Kent-SeaTac-Burien in the daytime, but Auburn-Kent in the evening.) So SeaTac will be Metro’s preferred station from Kent to Link. I asked about bus routes from the 200th station. He said they’re thinking about extending the 152, which goes from Southcenter to SeaTac station via Military Road and S 176th St. They’re thinking about extending to to 200th station and then into Des Moines, possibly as far as Highline CC. (It’s half-hourly weekdays till 8:30pm; hourly weekends till 9pm.) Metro is also thinking about small shuttle routes from Link to various parts of the south county.

    I rode Link down from Seattle and missed the 6:40 180, so I took the A to 188th and walked from there. It was a 20-minute walk. A 180 passed right when I reached city hall. I missed half the presentation, which is why I can’t report many details. Coming back, the 180 was not running, so I walked five minutes and then waited ten minutes for the 574. In total it took 2 1/2 hours from northeast Seattle, and 45 minutes to central Seattle (counting from when the 574 arrived).

    I would so much like a RapidRide route from SeaTac to Kent, Benson road, Renton, and Rainier Beach.

  3. One idea somebody suggested to Atomic Taco, which I should have mentioned to the Metro rep but didn’t, is an express shuttle bus from the 200th station going south, stopping at the underused park n rides between 200th and 320th. The station is in an inconvenient place for the 574 or other commuter routes to get to it, but a new shuttle route could effectively add more parking and bring people from further south, and it wouldn’t cost much because it would be a short route.

      1. ST didn’t mention this but the Metro rep, I, and another discussed it, and we all felt the location is not suitable for ST Express reorganizations. SeaTac station is so close, and few people from Federal Way are going to 200th, and rerouting the 574 would take it off 188th where it serves SeaTac City Hall, a school, a park, a YMCA, and indirectly a library. The 577/578, and 59x do not stop in mid South King at all, so it’s outside their primary market. What other routes are there? Again, we think a new express route going south from 200th to the park & rides may have some potential. That may be the best express reorganization possible.

      2. Oh, you mean to truncate the 577/578 and 59x? No, we didn’t discuss that. And by my own experience, if Link and the 578 leave Westlake at the same time, the 578 will arrive at Federal Way TC right when Link reaches SeaTac (actually, two minutes after Link). So truncating those routes may be feasable off-peak, but it would mean significantly longer travel time. And the truncation point would really have to be a destination station like SeaTac or Federal Way: there’s nothing at 200th except a couple office parks.

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