In a matter of days we’ll be releasing STB’s endorsements. We’ve got the major initiatives and the councils of King County, Seattle, and Bellevue all set.

However, if there’s an outstanding candidate in a smaller city, or in a neighboring county, that we should know about, please let us know in the comments.

14 Replies to “Call for Endorsements”

  1. I wonder if the STB will endorse candidates they don’t like for incredibly stupid reasons.

  2. Already have 1125 as a big, fat NO :)

    May not be transit related, but I’m confused over 1183 though (since each side seems to be mud-slinging the other) :(

      1. Is bus service a consumer good? Or is it a basic part of a city’s infrastructure like electricity and water? The city itself suffers if its residents and visitors can’t get around to do commerce.

      2. “Nonononono, it’s the ROADS that are a basic part of a city’s infrastructure! That’s why they’re the only things the gas tax should go to!” :)

    1. My issues with 1183 are that ONE corporation has poured massive amounts of money into it which to me signals it will reap a windfall on its passage. This can’t be good. I also understand that small shops will be negatively affected. Further,the part that is relevant to transit is that I can’t imagine this is a revenue neutral proposition for the state. If the state loses revenue in this change, then many things including transit suffer.

      1. Make that *two* corporations. The Wine & Spirits Wholesalers trade group already reaps a windfall from the complex regulatory system in Washington state, and it stands to lose its monopoly if I-1183 passes.

  3. David Boe for Tacoma City Council. He’s a huge urban planning wonk (and an architect by trade, I think), and is entirely supportive of smart city and transit planning in Tacoma.

    1. (Position 7, at large. He was appointed to a half-term; this will be his first full elected term if he wins.)

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