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  1. Good day, During WTO I had to walk some distance to catch a bus and it was not that bad. Maybe its time we looked at making the down town area a “Walk Only” zone with access to delivery vehicles, bicycles, and and disabled citizen transportation services. This would save quite a bit of expense and be healthier over all. And solve most of the ‘hub’ problem of the down town area.

    In terms of transportation overall, lets face it: Whether the costs are distributed or paid directly by users (or a combination there of) they have to be paid.

    Two seperate but linked processes are: 1) Accept the current costs and determine the most equitable way to distribute them; 2) Determine the methods required to increase the systems effectiveness and efficiency for the greatest number of citizens (it will never be adequate for all of them) and pursue it thus lowering costs.

    Its time for a unified transportation plan for King County that makes sense.

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