Here’s a good event for Eastsiders to mark on their calendars.  Next Tuesday, November 1st, from 4:30pm-6:30pm at City Hall, Bellevue will be hosting an open house and scoping meeting for its Downtown Transportation Plan update.  As I covered earlier this month, the Plan is oriented to a multi-modal strategy that takes into account recent developments in regional transportation projects.

The open house will be followed by focus group-style meetings where participants can discuss specific modes with city planners (flyer here – PDF):

On Tuesday, November 1 the City of Bellevue will host an open house and scoping meeting on the Downtown Transportation Plan Update.  There are two main objectives for this meeting:  to provide information to a broad section of the community about the purpose of updating the Downtown Transportation Plan at this time;  and to receive comments and suggestions regarding specific transportation issues that affect Downtown mobility and livability.

Following an overview presentation in the Council Chambers, those in attendance will be invited to the Concourse to join in small group conversations with City staff focused on specific mobility modes such as pedestrians, bicycles, transit, and roadways.  In this format, the City hopes to hear from the community about the transportation system issues that concern them and their ideas for improvements.  People are encouraged to visit more than one of the mobility display tables to help in the challenging task of planning for a multimodal transportation system in a complex and dense urban environment.