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  1. This reminds me of those silly “cheer on the fake racer” things that go on the jumbotron between innings at the baseball, but with one key difference: I actually care about the outcome.

  2. Per the CEO report, Brenda will break through around the end of the year, it’ll be a month or two to disassemble and reassemble at Capital Hill and the same drilling time frame back to the DSTT.

    1. at first I was thinking … end of the year!?!? that’s way too slow (but then I realized that was less than 60 working days from today … ) regardless, this will create the most unexciting breakthrough ceremony … a tunnel breaking into another tunnel.

      1. Agreed. I wonder if they will have a live webcam of the breakthrough… probably will happen at night so it doesn’t disturb Link service…just a guess though…

      2. Actually it will break thru into a pit that is open from the surface, so in theory it should be visible. ST has dug a pit east of the Pine St. tunnel in order to retrieve Brenda. When the second bore is done, they’ll lid over the pit and remove the wall between it and the existing tunnel to connect the new to the old.

    1. Looks like the picture is linked in both posts to the most updated version directly from ST…

  3. I’m very supportive of the whole thing. I just wish the machines didn’t sound like something you could order from IKEA ;-)

  4. Detailed progress reports about the money. Infographics for the rah-rah graphics. I think you sidestepped my point.

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