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On Thursday, November 17, the City of Redmond is hosting a final community meeting to receive input on its Transportation Master Plan (TMP) update dubbed Transportation Redmond 2030. Redmond staff will be presenting a list of potential transportation projects for the first time. The TMP meeting is the best opportunity for the public to weigh in on how the community will invest in pedestrian, cycle, transit, and roads in the near- and long-term. You may wish to read a summary of Redmond 2030 compiled from the previous events to get an idea of the brainstorming that went on earlier in the process.

The TMP is important because it will inform the City of Redmond’s Comprehensive Plan and be a key guide for other transportation policy documents. These in turn guide how funding is allocated, the process of the investments, the kind of services the community can expect, and directly impact land use decisions.

If you want to see Redmond become a more vibrant, sustainable, and diverse place, you should make yourself heard at the event.

The event will be held Thursday, November 17 from 6pm to 8pm at:

Redmond City Hall
15670 NE 85 Street
Redmond, Washington 98073

Routes to City Hall: ST 545 & 542 and MT RapidRide B & 232 all stop within two blocks of City Hall; most other routes pass through Redmond Transit Center about five blocks away.

If you have any questions or have any comments, please contact Lei Wu, Project Manager for the TMP update, at 425.556.2749 or While not required, it is encouraged that you RSVP to Patrick McGrath at 425.556.2870 or

The author is a planning intern with the Redmond Department of Planning and Urban Development.

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  1. Hey, I’ve got an idea. Why not have all day service run next to Archstone Redmond Hill? At 882 units, it’s the largest apartment complex in Washington state.

    1. I’d encourage you to e-mail Lei Wu and Metro so that can be considered (if it isn’t already). Also, it is worth noting that Metro is making service changes, so now might be the time to remind them where they should consider reallocation of service hours.

      1. My understanding is that 269 is on metro’s shortlist of routes to turn into all-day routes. As metro is currently in the mode of reducing service, not adding it, it’s unlikely that they will, but it’s worth a suggestion…

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