This is a reminder that tonight, starting around 5-ish, we’re having a meetup at the Elysian Fields near CenturyLink Field. We’re expecting good turnout from Sound Transit employees getting off work, and one or two of them might speak around 5:30. The event is all ages.

Bringing cash is helpful.

5 Replies to “Meetup Tonight”

  1. Eek… can’t make it.

    Too late, too far, too wet.

    I really enjoyed getting to chat with y’all in person after the Columbia Tower event. (I’m somewhat less polemical in person, no?) And since formal introductions were never made last time around — was that Ben sitting to my right at the Diller Room? Or Vélo, perhaps? — so I was hoping to master the “who’s who” this time around.

    Next time, mayhaps?

    1. We DO need to do the name-tag thing (gasp) or at least go around and in our best high school gymnasium voices introduce ourselves sometime soon.

  2. It was fun meeting everyone, or almost everyone. Maybe next time we can have more official discourse with staff on hand?

    I was pleased to see that the general attitude towards the blog and our community is positive, though.

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