One more thing about this morning’s audit post: I should clarify that I think “balance” in journalism is overrated. I think it’s most important to engage with the strongest, most truthful arguments on both sides, which is different from getting one quote per faction. In our better moments it’s what we try to do here, albeit imperfectly. Nevertheless, if the Times is going to attempt balance, they should do it right.

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  1. I’m still curious: did Mike Ennis actually trigger the audit, as the Times article seems to suggest? If not, was there one specific thing that brought the audit about, or was this just something Brian Sontag would have done anyhow?

    Not worried for Sound Transit. But if the audit process is in fact as politically-biased as Tim Eyman intended, more than one political side needs to learn to touch off audits as well.

    Mark Dublin

    1. The performance audit falls under Initiative 900, a Tim Eyman measure voters passed in 2005. A contractor will be chosen this month to conduct the inquiry, and results will be published this summer.

      Sonntag has long intended to examine Sound Transit, said spokeswoman Mindy Chambers. He also has received a request to conduct an audit from Mike Ennis

    1. Quite true, unless any faults found in the audit are cherrypicked and used as fodder for demagogues and unsigned editorial remarks.

      A shame this city has to go through the learning process of why having only one newspaper of public record is a poor thing.

      1. And why isn’t The Stranger a newspaper of public record yet? It is, after all, Seattle’s Only Newspaper. ;-)

  2. Agreed, and it will come at a time when ST is completing their ‘Before and After’ report on how Link has/has not changed the nature/dynamics of ridership in the corridor, along with other metrics of success required by the FTA when the FFGA was signed. It should be a transit-palooza of a study for the nearly 3/4 million they are pouring into it.

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