[UPDATE: Here’s the audio. I should have said that Rep. Armstrong said a lot of good things in his segment, although I took issue with an implication that was telling but that he probably didn’t even intend.]

Rumor has it I’ll be part of a panel discussing the Governor’s transportation proposal on The Conversation with Ross Reynolds on KUOW at around 12:20 today. Listen here.

3 Replies to “Martin on KUOW”

  1. Rep Armstrong merely paid lip service to transit, saying it made sense for “King, Pierce, and Snohomish” counties, where exactly 50% of the state population lives. Then he stridently defended a state plan that spends less than 4% on transit? Come on, he was just being nice to sound good in front of KUOW’s Seattle audience while privately being thrilled that it’s almost entirely roads money…as he said, he’s “a roads guy.”

    1. I’m not going to attempt to guess at his internal motivations, but it’s nice to hear from conservative, Eastern Washington legislators that they understand transit is an important part of the puzzle. It doesn’t mean he’s Our Greatest Ally, but if he’s going to be nice I’ll thank him for it.

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