Seriously.  Maybe gondolas as transit will seem a little more boring and sane now.

(photo from, used with permission)

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  1. Maybe heated, enclosed water slides from each hill to downtown? Complete with a waterproof bag for your clothes.

    1. Motorcycle I believe will. Just make damn sure you don’t let your out of state license expire! Make sure they list it as unlimited. If they ask what size bike you ride tell them its 750cc or larger. They’ll tack on an extra $25 fee or there abouts to list the MC endorsement, bastards. I don’t think a vessel license will transfer. Right now you aren’t required to have a license to operate a power boat. The State is in the process of changing that. The requisite classroom training is a cash cow for State employees paid the ransom to be accredited to “teach” it.

  2. The photo reminds me when I was in Cub Scouts back in ’77. Our project was to make a boat out of a refrigerator, seriously.

    Well, it floated….but w/o a keel it listed really bad to say the least!

  3. Was this idea inspired by my ‘First Hill Kayak and Locks Co.’ proposal a few days ago? One way to speed up the trip would be a funicular lock for the trip uphill.
    Yes, Mattmobiles are looking so … what’s the word… common.

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