3 Replies to “Last Minute: S 200th St Open House Tonight”

  1. There was nothing new. I think the RFB went out and they’re still waiting or just starting to look at them now. Nothing design-wise has changed nor will it until late Fall.

    On opening day there will be a total of 1,015 parking stalls for the station. Between 700 and 1,015 of those will be in a garage on the north side of 200th. Like the station, the garage will be a design/build contract.

    Comment forms were on hand asking the public whether they preferred the name S 200th Street Station or South SeaTac Station, the latter of which seems to have been proposed in response to the board’s recent adoption of the station naming policy and not due to suggestions of the public/businesses.

    1. There’s nothing wrong with the S 200th St. name for the station. It seems like folks want to make the system hard to navigate.

      Using numbered street names might get confusing once the system gets ouside King County, but it’s fine for now.

      1. “Fine for now….” lynnwood transit center is located at about sw 200th st as well so that might be confusing when that line opens. Its expensive to rename a station later so whatever we do lets get it right the first time.

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